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For those keeping score at home: @PressSec advised Trump not to hire Mooch b/c he would add the chaos and infighting https://t.co/hGImltRZ0Z
Mooch-room cloud
Hey @RyanLizza -- u sure he didn't say 'macaca?' https://t.co/kmW2Sqlyks
Say what you will about Sean. He was experienced enough to say 'off the record' https://t.co/kmW2Sqlyks
The head of the Boy Scouts apologizes for the behavior of the president - which is totally normal
More and more people I talk to -especially Rs - are asking: What the hell is going to happen when these guys get hit by a real crisis?
You Lloyd Bentsened me
One part of the government operating with metronomic efficiency
One part of the government operating with metronomic efficiency
The West Wing is a middle school lunchroom
We assume strongman-style leaders want to stop palace knife fights. No. They need to start em. 'Proves' they r 'strong' & hirelings r 'weak'
Great get by @jwpetersNYT - Coulter bawled out Trump https://t.co/CvmkGXzmYp
Notice how none of the ticktocks include serious attempt by @realDonaldTrump to negotiate with the 3 women Rs who form core of opposition?https://t.co/L2IVxZfZiN
.@anniekarni specialty: snapshot that captures gist of a presidency. Doubling down on unfulfilled promises in Ohio https://t.co/ka2UtvXwWZ
@JordanUhl He's going cos there are a lot of Trumpies there-the venue is close to an airport-and he can get ppl to write about how he's got Dems in 16.
Question not so much about Ohio Ds. It's Trump vs. Kasich battle for GOP soul -- with Rob Portman in No Man's Land. https://t.co/aM0N6Vvrc3
Serious question: Why bother with a comms staff at all? How about Trump just briefs us since none of these guys are part of his process?https://t.co/bkESOBlrzf
The Apprentice really went downhill when the catch phrase became 'Firing you is too scary so I'm going to mean-Tweet until you quit'https://t.co/Q0uyyuElUA
Brooklyn has changed
Brooklyn has changed
I would very very very -- gasp --much enjoy covering this.
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