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This account is dormant as of 9/19/17.
As many of you told me... actually deleting a Twitter account turns out to be a terrible idea. So it's simply going dormant. Cheers.
Guys, the midnight thing is so folks who only contact me thru DM can do so to get my other contact info. So please do so!
Bunch of ppl only communicate with me thru DM
Hey folks -- I've decided to delete my Twitter account at midnight. Too much of a distraction. DM me for contact info. Thanks for reading!
The irony of Ken Vogel getting a big scoop because someone else was talking too loudly is sublime.... https://t.co/8jK3I4efdw
Classy retweet by the leader of the free world, man with nuke codes, fella who reads TelePrompter on national unity and respect for women.https://t.co/jNpNAd0thq
No matter what McMaster says, all I hear is "drop and give me ten, maggot!"
Scoop, @joshgerstein -- Mueller adds money-laundering ace. Why oh why oh why? https://t.co/c1IYWFWdFW
WH spox denies WSJ story claiming US might stay in Paris accords -- saying position hasn't changed...
We'll always have Paris. Or maybe we won't. https://t.co/cv788a2HZp
If there was an Emmy for reaction shots @BrookeBCNN would win all of them.
Britain's Prime Minister wants Trump to stop Tweeting about terrorist attacks in her country. Yes, this is our... https://t.co/dr1Cu1jukt
Listening to dude on @NPR saying that Trump's base - 1/3rd of the country that is kinda controlling the country - feels "bamboozled."
In WH meeting w/ Dems, Kelly likens Mexico to Venezuela, suggests it's a failing state near collapse. Me, @maggieNYT https://t.co/nLATR4XwEv
Please @CNN -- stop playing the Mnuchin kiss on a loop. Thanks.
Interesting read, this. Wrong, IMHO, but good fire-starter.... https://t.co/y9ZxAv9Ft4
Tim Scott delivered stern lecture to @realDonaldTrump on America's 400-year history of racism, contra WH readout. https://t.co/YLdAJoP7oq
Except for the 3-4 years where he totally did. Grand bargain, health care, stimulus. You can't rewrite history.
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