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Everything in the world is bad except for these whales blowing rainbows
Everything in the world is bad except for these whales blowing rainbows

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Best-selling Nintendo consoles and games of all time
360 to 900 backflip nose-dive sky perfect 600IQ snipe en mi primera partida con snowboard. Not bad.
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Falcon 9’s first stage rocket booster launched twice last year to deliver the Iridium-7 and SAOCOM 1A payloads to orbit
Fortnite has an exclusive K-pop skin for those who preorder the Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung has revealed the Galaxy S10, and it’s pulling out most of the stops for its 10th-anniversary line of Galaxy phones.
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Oh Tucky, don’t go up against the smart kids: Dutch historian exposes Tucker Carlson’s fraud
Falcon 9 and Nusantara Satu are vertical on Pad 40 ahead of today’s launch window, which opens at 8:45 p.m. EST, 1:45 UTC →
I wrote about Pinterest's perfect response to anti-vaxx misinformation. Curious what other social network employees think of this move -->

Top 15 BEST global brands ranking for the last 19 years...

Watch big name tech companies take-over at the end!

h/t @Interbrand
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