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Google Maps has launched a feature to flag prescription drug disposal sites https://t.co/JZsaFJwVP8
This new map of the Milky Way has 1.7 *billion* stars in it—and that's just the start. https://t.co/0W8s2tbTUj
Please help Facebook solve the mystery of what made Facebook shit https://t.co/Lg1vF2m4ro
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Nickelodeon's Double Dare is getting a reboot and reminds us it was a slime dunk from the start https://t.co/qsbbMMczeP
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We've seen the first trailer for the new Halloween movie, and it was legitimately terrifying https://t.co/LZSYtcU9eS
Flayed Corpse is full of horror stories you’ll feel guilty for laughing at https://t.co/r6BtC9Vd1L
Twitter: Kanye allegedly losing 9 million followers was an "inconsistency," not that other thing https://t.co/1JdvEEjpNG
Marvel's Kevin Feige thought only comic book nerds would stay for post-credits scenes https://t.co/80yFvLo8aw
Please try to be surprised: George R.R. Martin's The Winds of Winter will not be out in 2018 https://t.co/t8Qy0wAMiI
Asteroids really could have brought water to Earth, experiment with rock blaster shows https://t.co/W65I75n5yz
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