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So who chose what in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? Netflix released some numbers https://t.co/9kEyopyodp
Netflix says it won't pull controversial footage of actual deadly incident from Bird Box https://t.co/OkN12HS08F
World’s oldest known periodic table found during cleanup of Scottish lab https://t.co/OsjyJEypfC
Fast Color's first trailer finds a family of superheroes living in a dying world https://t.co/PKRDzpdhw5
The frequency of asteroid impacts jumped just before the dinosaur age, new research suggests https://t.co/LCYsXQFe1b
Riverdale is doing a musical episode of Heathers https://t.co/wqyAWhslQx
Twitter CEO: We'd "talk about" banning Trump if he told followers to kill journalists https://t.co/vlpSb2zTHR
Kevin Hart in talks to star in the Monopoly movie nobody asked for https://t.co/IpDkoUK3RM
Twitter oopsie: Bug made some Android users' private tweets public
Court rejects FCC motion to postpone #NetNeutrality lawsuit over government shutdown https://t.co/Qnlr2RaMoY
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