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The real story behind that viral video of Trump's hiss https://t.co/joZMWPzn7p
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Airline passengers started bleeding from their ears and noses after the crew forgot to pressurize the cabin https://t.co/46kh0J0EzG
Genetic analysis of seized elephant tusks exposes three major cartels https://t.co/DYctv2QJFn
Dear lord, praying mantises can actually catch fish https://t.co/16gtAHNU3R
Silicon Valley firms called out—again—over forced arbitration for workers https://t.co/O1vnCLcQS9
It's never too early for ugly sweaters, and more of the weirdest toys and merchandise of the week https://t.co/uXXwxj2rWa
In this week's best new comics, the NYC subway isn't SO bad and gender is an illusion https://t.co/CeB4s0Ghpu
Star Wars: A New Hope, but as a classic '80s anime https://t.co/Dt2MKlTy0y
The Unthinkable is a weird movie whose ambition wildly outweighs its quality https://t.co/e2MQNNa6fj
Oliver Queen's butt naked and kicking ass in the latest Arrow season 7 trailer https://t.co/tQfkEEFSff
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