I was so thrilled to hear of the creation of the #VersaceTribute  SS18 Collection, & so excited…

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A look at where all the excitement happens during Paris Fashion Week: backstage.

"Hollywood is very risk-averse," @jennyhan  says. "It's all about being able to green-light something. Kristen Stewart did an amazing job in Twilight, but it wasn't her name that brought people [to theaters], it was the story." #ToAlltheBoys2 

"Do you expect me to talk?" "No, but I do expect you to sit there for 2 hours, 28 minutes." No Time to Die is set to be the longest James Bond film yet.

#HarryStyles should be your style inspiration

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Glasgow Film Festival is giving us the LGBTQ representation we deserve this year.

Does seeing through literal rose-tinted spectacles change your mood? One Vogue writer tries it out.

Hermione Hoby meets Lynda Benglis: 'We talk about pleasure, a notion art critics seem a little afraid of. ‘Everyday life gives me pleasure,’ she says, with a grin... It seems to me her work is full of one specific pleasure, that of viscosity.'

How to care for dry skin in the winter and maintain a hydrated, healthy glow:

Banning these trousers on the Tube, just imagine the manspreading. (Via Harikrishnan)