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With this glowing record of achievement, @PeterDutton_MP should have no problem holding onto his marginal seat of Dickson (currently held by 1.7%)

#DitchDutton #Auspol
🤢 A company pays for a Minister’s holiday. And gets a $1 billion government contract.
🤢 Ministers refuse to give witness statements to police investigating their offices.

Only a federal corruption watchdog can truly clean up our politics.
ASIC has also been exposed for taking gifts from corporations – while they were being investigated 😡 This is why we need a federal anti-corruption watchdog with public hearings, public findings and broad investigative powers that'll truly stamp out corruption.
How can a man connected to a multi-billion dollar corporate scandal be trusted to be our community’s top corporate regulator? 😤
Bella, a School Striker from WA responding to Deputy PM McCormack's comments that kids should stay in school #ClimateStrike

Join Bella at the global Climate Strikes on March 15 💪
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@FarrellPF @nickwrayYou're absolutely right – this is bad form and we’ve taken it down. Not to excuse, but we were moving incredibly fast/on little sleep trying to get as many people as possible to contact their MP about the Medevac Bill, and dropped the ball on credit. We’ll do better.
Tash, Eatons Hill is stepping up to oust Dutton - "Look, I just want a better future and I know Peter and his mates are squandering that for young people." #Auspol
Correct! We're all rising against his cruel politics 😎
At UQ O-Day today, with students from Dickson determined to #DitchDutton.

The youth are coming Peter.

The Most Relevant

7000 doctors, Australian medical colleges, Sam Neill, Mia Wasikowska & Jimmy Barnes have called on pollies to end the medical crisis in offshore detention.

It could all come down to a single vote in a matter of days. Can you call on @billshortenmp to stay strong & #BacktheBill?
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5000 kids in Sydney demanding climate action. This is unbelievable. #schoolstrike4climate
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Everyone who's lying about the situation on Manus according to Peter Dutton:
World Vision
Human Rights Watch
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
The Australian
The Daily Tele
Every major news outlet in Australia
Nearly half of parliament
Refugees on Manus...
Scott Morrison just become our PM.

For many of us this is a moment of relief that Peter Dutton's leadership ambitions have been thwarted. But we can’t forget Morrison's conservative history as Immigration Minister and Treasurer.
“Stop playing politics with people’s lives” say our biggest stars for #BlueForManusAndNauru. As calls to #BackTheBill grow this week in Parliament - let’s hope pollies listen!
🙏 , Warwick Thornton, , Rebecca Gibney, Bryan Brown, Mia Wasikowska
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Melburnians – if you head out to a restaurant tonight, why not send a pic of your dinner? Let's show him we're not affected by his brand of fear-mongering.
Witness K could be any one of us who stands for a fair and just democracy
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This afternoon crowed about getting every child out of detention.

These are the faces he doesn't want you to see. #KidsOffNauru #auspol
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ATO data: Adani paid $0 tax on $723,997,514, Chevron paid $0 tax on $2,142,255,410, Exxonmobil Australia paid $0 tax on $6,728,562,395, and Origin Energy paid $0 tax on $12,028,321,361. That’s who paid no tax.

751 major Australian corporations, with almost half a trillion dollars in revenue, paid not a single cent in tax.

Spread the word.
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