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Woodside Petroleum made $6,287,256,902 total income between 2017-2018. $1,284,636,699 was considered taxable income. They paid $0 in tax. ZERO.

Ironic that the real bludgers turned out to be News Corp and their $0 of tax paid on almost $2.5 billion in income

Huge step in the right direction 🎉 We hereby challenge @ScottMorrisonMP  and other States to do even better. Because can Australia do better. More importantly, we have to do better.

Your bus fare and coffee this morning cost more than the tax paid by Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Santos, Atlassian, and Shell in Australia between 2017 and 2018 – COMBINED

The ATO released their corporate tax transparency report today for 2017-2018:

And it's not fooling anyone anymore.

Is this the flexibility that gig work promised? A choice between affording your rent or your health?

Accounting antics from @ScottMorrisonMP 's government have no legal basis. They aren't actually representing a reduction in our emissions. And they aren't in line with what Australians expect from our leaders.


7000 doctors, Australian medical colleges, Sam Neill, Mia Wasikowska & Jimmy Barnes have called on pollies to end the medical crisis in offshore detention. It could all come down to a single vote in a matter of days. Can you call on to stay strong & ? #BacktheBill 

5000 kids in Sydney demanding climate action. This is unbelievable. #schoolstrike4climate 

HUGE: leaked documents reveal Melissa Price pressured CSIRO to rubber stamp Adani approval despite knowing it was “seriously flawed”, then lied about what the scientist had seen. Price must resign. The approval must be revoked.

Maureen is a national treasure.

Melburnians – if you head out to a restaurant tonight, why not send a pic of your dinner? Let's show him we're not affected by his brand of fear-mongering.

Witness K could be any one of us who stands for a fair and just democracy