Reuters / Myanmar

Let's be clear about this: Two Reuters journalists in Myanmar are going to spend seven years in prison for doing their jobs honestly, unless the world does something about that.

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Reuters / Myanmar

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Fox News polls: Trump trails Biden in Ohio, Arizona and Wisconsin

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For months we’ve been told gathering in groups, or even getting a haircut would “kill grandma” but apparently the virus is woke and no longer a big deal!

Some Twitter radicals have pulled off a double-somersault worthy of Western Communists before during and after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. One guy driving to Durham imperils our lives, but tens of thousands of woke protestors is fine, but schools should still stay closed.

OUR VIEW: If stopping the spread of the coronavirus takes a back seat only to activities you deem important or politically salutary or righteous, then you don’t believe in science. You’re not serious about the virus, just drop the charade.

“As police across the country use such chemical agents to quell protests and rioting, they also are triggering those major vectors for the spread of coronavirus.”

In a new #AxeFiles , a billionaire reality TV star expounds on many subjects, including his own musing about running for POTUS. My convo w @mcuban , owner of the @dallasmavs , who had a few things to say about that OTHER billionaire reality TV star/POTUS! 👉

A footnote: Cuban’s story is quite different than Trump’s. The son of an automobile upholsterer, Cuban started off with nothing and built his fortune from scratch as an early innovator in the computer and internet industries. It’s actually quite a story. Good listen!

“He was just crying out at that time for anyone to help because he was dying. I’m going to always remember seeing the fear in Floyd’s face because he’s such a king. That’s what sticks with me, seeing a grown man cry, before seeing a grown man die.”

Cara Delevingne just came out as pansexual – share this with anyone who's still unsure what that means