George Osborne

George Osborne

Chair of the British Museum and the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, partner at RobeyWarshaw and former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Evening Standard Editor

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Rishi Sunak will be Prime Minister by the end of the day. Some think,like me, he’s a solution to our problems;others think he’s part of the problem.But whatever your politics,let’s all celebrate the first British Asian becoming PM and be proud of our country where this can happen

Given the pain being caused to the real economy by the financial turbulence, it’s not clear why it is in anyone’s interests to wait 18 more days before the inevitable u-turn on the mini budget

Went this weekend to the see the astounding full-scale replica of a Roman villa at The Newt in Somerset, complete with frescoes, furnace-heated baths and period food - and the Romano-Britons running it couldn’t be more friendly.

Congrats to Jeremy Hunt for taking big bold steps to restore U.K. fiscal credibility - reversing most of mini budget & in effect raising income tax (from the 19p legislated by Johnson gov). Not sensible for PM to hide away - she needs to front this to have any chance of survival

Much enjoyed recording this Crisis What Crisis? podcast with my friend Andy Coulson - we planned it months ago, but the fates decided this was the week to talk about crises, how to handle them and how not to

Then Prime Minister David Cameron predicted 10 years ago that our hard-fought modernisation of the party meant that Conservatives would have the first British Indian PM

Enjoyed taking part in this Radio 4 programme on the Treasury, and explaining why it’s is one of the great institutions of our country and why Prime Ministers who rail against its orthodoxy are doomed to fail

Here’s my annual speech as Chair of the British Museum on our huge redevelopment, going net zero, our approach to the restitution debate - and why this global museum of our common humanity is needed more now than ever


Tax evasion is not just illegal it's immoral.People evading tax should be treated same as common thieves.This agreement helps us tackle them

Here's a new cartoon from @Adamstoon1  for our third edition @EveningStandard  - after Saatchis

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Odd to see free marketeers urging a free market government to ignore the markets

I suspect after that PMQs it’s starting to dawn on Labour that they’ve made a mistake in underestimating @trussliz 

I think you’ll find the team @EveningStandard  know the difference between a bill passing its second reading in the Commons and a bill passing Parliament. I know it’s been a while since the latter happened, but I’m happy to come in and explain how it’s done

As explained in today’s @EveningStandard ⁩, the Theresa May premiership is over. Am reliably told she’ll announce tomorrow she’s stepping down on 10 June, after US state visit.

My 2013 Finance Act is being cited today as an example of breaking international law. To avoid any confusion: it created a general anti-tax avoidance rule that could override double tax treaties, but all parties to these treaties accept such rules - and the OECD backs them

Diane Abbott has pulled out of @EveningStandard  hustings. It's not like someone who wants to be Home Sec has much to talk about these days..