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Meaning behind the music. Formerly @RapGenius, home of @NewsGenius. Snapchat: geniusdotcom

Latest Scoops

“i can’t even really begin to explain to you what these numbers mean or feel like to me” —kehlani ❤️
i-i-i don't want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing i need
says the future lies in instrumental music because it gives artists the opportunity to demonstrate the creativity that machines lack
“basically i just didn’t know when was the right time or when to approach fans with something that they’re not used to”
couldn't think of another artist that'd fit more perfectly 🗡
who else do you think has blown up off the “pump plan” 🧐
“i don’t know why he said that. that made me wanna move my date. i don’t wanna accidentally sell more than you and make you retire” —kanye 💀
every time you try to forget who i am, i'll be right there to remind you again
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