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Ambassador Theatre Group, owner of King's Theatre in Glasgow, to lay off 1,200 casual staff in UK - @Lanre_Bakare  reports #furlough  #coronavirusuk 

Covid-19: England had highest excess death levels in Europe by end of May, with Scotland Europe's third highest - @PorcelinaD  @niamh_mcintyre  @7091lapS  report #coronavirus  #COVID19 

Edinburgh book festival brings in online signings as it adapts to pandemic - @severincarrell  reports @edbookfest  #coronavirusuk 

'There is a sense of loss': Reflections on this year's cancelled Edinburgh festivals - @severincarrell  reports #Edinburgh 

Edinburgh sky to be lit up for launch of online international festival - @severincarrell  reports @edintfest  #coronavirusuk  #edinburgh 

SQA under fire after downgrading 124,000 predicted exam results - @severincarrell  reports #sqaresults 

Fleabag producer unveils #Shedinburgh  fringe festival streamed from sheds - @ChrisWiegand  reports

Cat from #Rochdale  that went missing on Loch Lomond holiday found 12 years later - @Haroon_Siddique  reports


Thousands of independence supporters to join march in Glasgow

@theSNP have done a great job, despite challenges imposed by austerity - readers write to @guardianletters 

Catalan academic's lawyer @AamerAnwar  accuses Spain of abusing legal process

Scots voting no to independence would be an astonishing act of self-harm says George Monbiot#indyreg 

Labour wiped out in Scotland amid SNP surge, as voters punish party over #Brexit  - @severincarrell  reports #EP2019