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Husband & father. 49th Lt. Gov. of California and former SF Mayor.

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We have an administration that continues to reject the reality of climate change. We must demand immediate action on this threat from the federal government.
The Trump Administration‘s choice to push a made-up “national emergency” and ignore the real crises that face our nation is beyond reckless. We cannot continue to reject the reality of climate change.
This administration continues its political charade by targeting our state and cutting off negotiations on clean car standards. California will not stand idly by as the President and his allies attempt to put the health of millions at risk.
Climate change is real. The evidence is all around us — and the consequences of inaction are deadly.

Enough. The time to act is NOW.
Here in California, we work closely to solve big problems — from tackling climate change to keeping families together. We're proof that government can do good work for ALL people and thrive. I see why the President doesn't like that.
Being LGBTQ is still illegal in nearly 40% of countries in the United Nations.

This headline isn’t surprising given this administration’s abysmal record on LGBTQ rights — but that doesn’t mean we should accept this as the status quo.
Another targeted attack on CA by the Trump administration.

Clean air should be the most basic of human rights. This is a reckless political stunt that puts the health of MILLIONS of kids, families, and communities across America at risk.
If we want a #CaliforniaForAll, we have to build housing for all. We need accountability. We need to support local governments that do what’s right, like Anaheim and Santa Rosa.
Yesterday, I met with mayors from across California and heard the difficulties they face in tackling the housing affordability crisis and why they need support. My commitment is to provide that support.
Expanding paid family leave will mean a better life for our kids, our workers, our economy, and our future. Here in California, we’re committed to getting this done.

The Most Relevant

Graham-Cassidy allows insurers to NOT cover:
-Newborn care
-Mental health services
-Prescription drugs
-Birth control

Nazis: very fine people

Racist sheriff: unfairly treated

Black athletes exercising 1A rights: sons of b****** and uninvited to WH.
There are no words for the cowardice of @GOP leadership right now. We should never forget their spinelessness when it mattered most.
Tomorrow, America will wake up to see passed a huge tax overhaul in the dead of the night. There were no public hearings. Senators were given only hours to read a 479 page bill w illegible, handwritten amendments. This bill will affect millions of lives. This is a disgrace.
Jeff Sessions just called me an embarrassment. A man whose legacy is targeting immigrants, re-waging the failed War on Drugs, sucking-up to private prison profiteers, and apologizing for white supremacists... I take that as a HUGE compliment.
In one bill the have perfectly summed up their priorities:

Millionaires over children.
Corporations over middle class.
Wealthy over sick.
Money over morality.
Party over country.

G.reed O.ver P.eople
- Cost of iPhone: $399
- Cost of healthcare for 1 year: $10,345
- Hearing @jasoninthehouse compare the 2 as if they are the same: priceless
Fake news. We’re building high-speed rail, connecting the Central Valley and beyond.

This is CA’s money, allocated by Congress for this project. We’re not giving it back.

The train is leaving the station — better get on board!

(Also, desperately searching for some wall $$??)
So... to be clear... you think we can afford a $1.4 TRILLION tax cut for millionaires and corporations, but we cannot afford to give a public servant a 2% pay raise.
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