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Ray Gatt

Former soccer writer at The Australian. Celtic FC, Liverpool FC, CC Mariners, Balmain Tigers. Love my family. Available for freelancing when not fishing.

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What an epic finale! John Farnham supported by Brian May and Mitch Tambo....You’re The Voice! Massive. This show will go down as one of the greatest events in Australian entertainment history.

@AndrewOrsatti Andrew, I think it is time the players took matters into their own hands. His teammates should have supported him and walked off in support. This awful racist situation will stop only when the players unite as one to make a powerful statement.

Oh for it to be true! Keep thinking @simonhill1894  is saying Mariners and not Marinos! Lol

My two bobs worth. Our issues start with youth development. Ange wouldn’t be able 2do what he does without players with nous &technical ability. That stuff is ingrained at early age with right infrastructure &coaching. Of course there r other issues that have been well broached.

Honoured and humbled to have been included in the NSW Harness Racing Media Hall of Fame.

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There’s the template for the A-League...Dolphin Stadium. Great crowd. Great atmosphere. Just like the iconic NRL ground Leichhardt Oval, nothing fancy but the fans just want a great experience and atmosphere!

Hey @RLW_Mole  you should be proud of your Hammers, what a great effort. Would love to see them stay up. If they play like that for the rest of the season they can certainly climb up the ladder. There has to be belief now.

Geez mate. Destroying football. Tens of millions of fans will disagree with that!!!

Just tried the new Toblerone cheesecake. Sensational. Different class!


Rubbing it in to Al Hilal fans. An Al Nassr scarf

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#MyMum gave birth to 5boys then developed breast cancer. Dr told her there was no hope. Mum said she looked him in the eye and said: “I am NOT leaving my boys to grow up without me”. She beat it and her boys were her life. She is 95 and has dementia. My hero.

Yeah we lost and it’s devastating but by God, you can’t be anything but gloriously proud of the Socceroos tonight. Unbelievable. Outstanding. Huge belief. They knocked the arrogance out of the French and made a nation proud.

Terrible news regarding Mike Cockerill. Wonderful journalist, great man. Superb football man. We've lost a giant of journalism.

Of everything posted on Twitter today, this is far and away my favourite.

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Hearing that highly talented young Western Sydney striker Stefan Nikolic is close to signing with Celtic. Also understand that Manchester United have also shown interest.

Wow. Just wow. Please be true. Seems Hakeem is going to come home. you deserve the highest honour Australia can bestow on you! Champion. Legend. Now come and save Australian soccer from a horrible mess.

OMG. The game has turned into a farce. Australian football has died tonight

Can confirm that Roberto Mancini is the coach targeted by FFA

In defence of the troubled sport I love