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Though he has stronger support on the ground than probably all of them put together...
Soldier Arrested in UP's Meerut In Connection With BrahMos Spying Case https://t.co/u7YWlxpQT0 via @ndtv
Mob Attacks Journalists Near Sabarimala, NDTV Crew Blocked By Protesters https://t.co/livABkuxTs via @ndtv
Though Akbar changed the name to 'Illahabad' 'abode of the Gods' which is actually lovely ...
Allahabad was British version...
Ugh! More Delhi boorish culture-
Road rage: Couple attacked for not giving way to car in south Delhi https://t.co/3mVChye516 via @TOIDelhi
That's very detailed for such a grainy pic!
Allahabad will be called Prayagraj from today, after a UP cabinet meeting where it was cleared. Here's my show where we talked about unfulfilled promises on cleaning the Ganga, but now name change ahead of Kumbh touted as big achievement #distraction
Ugh! Yet another women,(16th?17th?) same modus operandi.. How can he carry on in govt and represent us abroad.. sick sick!
-MJ Akbar, stop with the lying. You sexually harassed me too. Your threats will not silence us
Police teams sent to Lucknow, questions over why Hyatt didn't file a complaint-
Watch: Former BSP Lawmaker's Son Waves Gun Outside 5-Star Hotel In Delhi #AshishPandey https://t.co/JJ3S5TI8BJ via @ndtv
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