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This is just too horrific..and once again, I'll say easy access to porn in this country has to go!!.. Five minor boys rape 8-year-old in Uttarakhand after watching porn https://t.co/JKQMbXNg2K
On NDTV @PrannoyRoyNDTV discusses corruption in the medical/health sector in India, after a new book 'Healers or Predators'
And finally, can't believe Trump brought up the emails again. Next to Putin. On the world stage. And got a football from Putin which he took gladly 🙄 #trump #HelsinkiSummit🙄🙄
Reporter asks about compromising material on Trump! Putin pauses ... Nervous laughter .. and then gives a long winded answer with Trump staring at him
Putin says 'no reason for US Russia relationship to be complicated' #HelsinkiSummit
Putin tells the media during joint presser 'negotiations frank and business like' #HelsinkiSummit
Lol! Men in suits block key moment of trophy presentation 'Somewhere in Moscow, there's a Russian TV director screaming into a pillow.'
World Cup 2018: Bizarre trophy presentation caps superb tournament https://t.co/LZ6VgZt3uV
The celebration party seems to have degenerated into riots and looting in Paris.. how terrible #WorldCup18 https://t.co/GHprT4Kveo
Yuck! First he goes and tries to make it all about him. Then this?! Just let it go #ThailandCaveRescue #elonmusk
@vikramchandra France because they seem the stronger side .. but wishing Croatia because wouldn't that be just the most fabulous underdog story ever #FifaWorldCupFinal #FrancevsCroatia
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