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@GOMCI123 @samjawed65 No one is blaming. It's terrible what happened. But we're trying to understand why Ms Swaraj kept giving assurances the men were alive, she even said she had info they were working somewhere. Could have just said trying to confirm fate, till they did
She had 8 sources ? I thought she had claimed 6.. #39Indians
Very sad.. another elephant killed by a train, this time in Uttarakhand .. in the Kansrao range of Rajaji Tiger Reserve early today morning #elephant #uttarakhand
One thing is to not confirm the deaths of Indians abroad without proof, which is understandable, but what's terrible is to give false hope to the families, when everything else pointed otherwise. #39Indians
Sushma Swaraj tells Parliament the Indians missing in Iraq are dead... She has got the proof now
because the DSP is Dilnawaz Ahmed?!
meanwhile- Trump Tower hits hurdle in Gurgaon via @htTweets https://t.co/4YG6UMlmNR
Such terrible news... 5 members of one family killed in shelling from Pakistan side .. Parents and 3 sons, the 2 daughters who survived are in hospital
Trustee of the Stephen Hawking Foundation says the late scientist “did not support the claims” made by Union minister Harsh Vardhan about Vedas https://t.co/OHSlzmfGQs
Sad.. a tiger appears in these forests after ages, but the reaction is panic, and attempts to capture it. So it goes-
A rare tiger in Junglemahal, an army of officers on its trail https://t.co/0wrjTKiH0N via @IndianExpress
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