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That music! That beginning! So familiar ❤️ #starwars #TheLastJedi https://t.co/A4f3micoPB
@mitalisaran 'Husain was booked by the Aligarh police for "trying to outrage religious feelings " because of he insisted on Urdu?! That's started offending people? It's an official language #IgnoranceAllAround
In his first speech as Congress President Rahul Gandhi targets the Prime Minister 'Congress took India to 21st century, but the PM, today, is taking us back to the medieval times'
Sonia Gandhi can't speak because of the crackers being burst by enthu Congress workers .. but they're unable to stop it seems 🙄😕#pollution #Congress #noise
@ndtv 'Madhya Pradesh: Carol singers held for bid to ‘convert’..Local Christian leaders however denied any attempt at religious conversion.'https://t.co/Cla04Qfbvm
@ndtv As always lots of allegations involved, very common in Madhya Pradesh ..
'Christmas carol singers detained over allegations of religious conversion in MP'https://t.co/hweOvxFK1Z
@ndtv Do read all the copies before jumping to conclusions about whether it was conversions..
'Carol singers and priests detained in MP: Bajrang Dal claims forced conversation, Catholic organisations fume'https://t.co/KP8HDf1pH1
'All in well, not well' another one liner from Rajya Sabha Chairman, Venkaiah Naidu as protesting opposition members rush into well of the house (and this is already his Nth one liner since the morning) :)
Madhya Pradesh again... Carol Singers detained by police after complaint by Bajrang Dal.. Their car set on fire by the activists in the police station premises! #Satna #MadhyaPradesh https://t.co/EInPtZqnIb via @ndtv
Rehearsals for the Car and Bike Awards! But half hour for the show to start! 😬… https://t.co/VuLpwLwC7d
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