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‘action against trouble makers’ sounds sinister. Supreme Court just said today to protest is a right.

No #NamasteTrump  for these poor families- Ahead of Donald Trump visit, 45 families in Gujarat slum served eviction notices via @IndianExpress 

Save us from this nonsense 🙏🏽

Have to say Ahmedabad Mirror has been doing a stellar job of tracking this #Bhuj  story that came to light after girls were forced to strip 'hosteller says menstruating girls are locked up in hostel’s basement and served food in a passage'

Prashant Kishor says Nitish treated him like a son... but then goes on to question the pace of development in Bihar and says 'Gandhi and Godse can’t go together..who do you choose?'

@PradyotManikya  But this is an on going story... Girls in a college in Bhuj were made to strip because the warden wanted to check who's down. Then it emerged students with periods there were segregated ... Now this gem from the man who heads the trust that runs the college! Crazy! #Bhuj 

India's bird population 'going down sharply' .. but peacock numbers are up

‘We have a Govt that doesn’t recognise there is a slowdown’ ‘At this rate 5 trillion economy is a dream’ Dr Manmohan Singh on the state of the economy at Montek Singh Ahluwalia’s book launch.

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Horror from Rajasthan.. Video of man killing another with an axe, then sets him on fire. The victim was a Muslim worker from Bengal.. The killer turns to camera and says this was to teach a lesson !? #Rajasthan  #hatecrime 

What a crazy story from UP by @alok_pandey  .. A young man is allegedly threatened with National Security Act by the Bareilly police if he continued to post about pollution on social media... The young man? A law student Irshad Khan via @ndtv 

What does this even mean? No one 'gives' anyone anything, you achieve it through hard work and talent. .. except maybe Governorships. That depends on ruling party.

Questions Raised Over Movement Of EVMs In UP, Bihar After Videos Surface.. There are very strict protocols for EVM handling by EC, even the reserve ones post polls. There should be no pvt vehicle use, & guards, observers via @ndtv 

How crazy. Staff at Sardar Patel statue walk out? ‘They have not been paid for four months.’ This despite all the tourists who visit?!

Look at the blatant arrogance .. Kailash Vijayavargiya’s son, MLA Aakash beats up municipal officers with a bat! In Indore over an anti encroachment drive #VVIPGoondaism  @anuragdwary1 

@alok_pandey  @UppoliceExactly  .. a police post was burnt, a policeman was killed, police vehicles were set on fire .. What a different reaction by the UP Govt#bulandshahrhttps ://

While the talk here is about 'goli boli' ... China's gone and built a 1000 bed hospital in 10 days to deal with the coronavirus outbreak #Wuhan