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@Bhayankur  @mihirssharmaDr  Singh spoke of the Bombay Club that was resisting liberalisation the economy. He also said PM Rao in the face of severe criticism after step1 of the rupee devaluation asked him to stop step2, but the RBI Dy said the bullet has already been fired(or that's what he told Rao :) )

2 Dalit Brothers, Accused Of Theft, Stripped And Tortured In Rajasthan.. Just horrible! How are people such sadists to violate another with a screw driver! All 5 petrol pump employees have been arrested via @ndtv 

@Rohinisgh_E  @rockyandmayurT  @Naveen6386  My @nawed_akhter  limited intervention... the media shouldn't share the video, but because it went viral among people and drew attention to the case is the reason the police reacted fast and arrested all 5 accused. This happened on the 16th.

The admin has said one lakh people will be in the roadshow .. poor things must be in panic with these grand claims #NamasteTrump 

@tehseenp  @RjsayemaYeah  stupid of her to come to this event and raise pro Pak slogans .. In fact in a FB post last week she had written: "Whatever country may be, long live for all the countries! " and named all neighbouring countries. But now another case #sedition  #Amulya 

@milindrunning  Where Milind tells me about his new book.. his life mantras .. fitness secrets ...why stress can be good and also how he would go to an RSS shakha in his neighbourhood as a child and how it taught him discipline @milindrunning  #MadeInIndia 

Hilarious he should share that video .. this is going to be a fun trip 🤪 #NamasteTrump 

@Rajyasree  But it’s a great honour that the US President is visiting India with his whole family. A clear sign of the importance of India on the world stage ✌🏼👊🏽 #NamasteTrump 

Curious monkeys opposite ITC Maurya watching preparations for the big Trump visit #Delhi  #Maurya  #NamasteyTrump 


Horror from Rajasthan.. Video of man killing another with an axe, then sets him on fire. The victim was a Muslim worker from Bengal.. The killer turns to camera and says this was to teach a lesson !? #Rajasthan  #hatecrime 

What a crazy story from UP by @alok_pandey  .. A young man is allegedly threatened with National Security Act by the Bareilly police if he continued to post about pollution on social media... The young man? A law student Irshad Khan via @ndtv 

Questions Raised Over Movement Of EVMs In UP, Bihar After Videos Surface.. There are very strict protocols for EVM handling by EC, even the reserve ones post polls. There should be no pvt vehicle use, & guards, observers via @ndtv 

What does this even mean? No one 'gives' anyone anything, you achieve it through hard work and talent. .. except maybe Governorships. That depends on ruling party.

How crazy. Staff at Sardar Patel statue walk out? ‘They have not been paid for four months.’ This despite all the tourists who visit?!

Look at the blatant arrogance .. Kailash Vijayavargiya’s son, MLA Aakash beats up municipal officers with a bat! In Indore over an anti encroachment drive #VVIPGoondaism  @anuragdwary1 

@alok_pandey  @UppoliceExactly  .. a police post was burnt, a policeman was killed, police vehicles were set on fire .. What a different reaction by the UP Govt#bulandshahrhttps ://

Imagine, 8 indians killed in the mosque attack in New Zealand, and not a word from the PM about them. At least I haven't seen so far, do point out if I'm wrong. 1 more Indian confirmed dead in New Zealand mosque attack, toll 8 via