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Former Justice Minister Dr Phillip Lee was part of a pandemic simulation exercise in 2016. He says he can’t understand why, if those in government were warned of the possible impact of coronavirus in January, they didn’t act sooner.

'This is designed to protect staff jobs in the long run.' British Airways are expected to announce it will suspend around 36,000 staff. @SwainITV  reports from a very quiet Heathrow airport.

'If the requirement outweighs the supply then there will be difficult decisions people have to make.' Public Health England MedicalDirector Paul Cosford says all efforts are being made to ensure the healthcare system stays above capacity.

'The big fear for us is that he won't be able to be there for delivery.' First time mum-to-be @jessbrammar  says she is worried she may have to give birth without a single person she knows present due to concerns over spreading coronavirus.

'You don't mean the skin of the banana do you?!' @BegumNadiya  has a unique recipe idea for 'vegetarian pulled pork' that you can try at home 🍌🥘🍴 What do you think of this?

'There's no doubt that everybody connected with the NHS is doing everything they possibly can to look after us.' @jessbrammar  adds that the NHS staff looking after her pregnancy in these difficult times have been brilliant despite the circumstances.

'It's about finding the fun in a rubbish situation'. Deborah James@bowelbabe ) is living with bowel cancer and chose to go into self-isolation four weeks ago. Despite struggling with fear and anxiety due to the pandemic, she explains how she manages to keep her spirits high.

Have you found love for lockdown? ❤🔐 We are looking for anyone who has fast-tracked their relationship and moved in together for lockdown for tomorrow's show! If you have sped up your relationship please get in touch with us👉 gm @itv .com


'You're not having to risk your life in the trenches, you're being asked to go home and watch telly.' 'What is wrong with people.' @piersmorgan  urges everyone to follow government advice and stay at home.

This moment was just too beautiful for words, @susannareid100... ??? @piersmorgan @CharlotteHawkns 

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‘Just because you don’t speak the same language as each other, doesn’t mean you can’t have a friendship.’ Music superstar Khalid talks about collaborating with supergroup #BTS . ? @BTS_twt  | @thegreatkhalid 

WATCH: @Nigel_Farage  tells @susannareid100  it was a 'mistake' for Leave to claim there'd be £350M a week for NHS

New laws have been passed in several U.S. states to ban abortion. Becky Gerritson says abortion should be illegal in every state, even for victims of rape and incest. @piersmorgan  | @susannareid100 

‘Black-on-black violence is used to give the public the ridiculous impression all black people are at an equal risk of [committing] violent crime.’ explains why making knife crime a race issue is counterproductive.

There are calls for @piersmorgan  to be fired over his views on gender. Should he stay or should he go?

What's your favourite British dish @OfficialMonstaX ?? The boys aren't too sure about marmite! ?? #MONSTAX  | #몬스타엑스 | #monbebe 

Should there be a second EU referendum?