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'Our view is that boxing is a dangerous sport.' Peter McCabe, CEO of Headway, shares his concerns about boxing when debating whether the sport can bring discipline and ambition or if it just encourages violence. What do you think?

Exciting @socceraid  news! Mark Strong is the latest player joining the Soccer Aid World XI FC. @RichardAArnold  has all the details.

Idris Elba hails learning to box as a teen as a turning point in his life, claiming that it taught him determination and discipline. So, does boxing bring discipline and ambition - or is it just encouraging violence? Boxing promoter @EddieHearn  shares his views.

'Despite the number of fines & law breaks, it looks like Boris Johnson has escaped further fines' - @kategarraway  @itvnews  UK Editor@PaulBrandITV  reacts to the news that Boris Johnson will face no further action over #partygate  after the Met police's investigation concludes.

Would you go public if you won the lottery? Real Housewives of Chesire's Nicole Sealey asks whether those who win a big amount of money are 'prepared for their lives to change'. She discusses how relationships can change when money is involved.

Would you go public if you won the lottery? 'We have to reframe the way we think about wealth.' Broadcaster@jasminedotiwala  tells @kategarraway  and Ben that the money can be used to 'create great opportunity.' What do you think?

'I know from my own personal experience that boxing was important.' The govt has launched a scheme to create youth projects like boxing clubs to support young people. @DominicRaab  explains how the sport helped him when he was younger.


Is @BTS_twt  x @Harry_Styles  the collab we never saw coming? ? The boys sing ‘Watermelon Sugar’ after nailing their new single ‘Dynamite’ - their first song entirely in English. #BTS  #BTSarmyarmy  Watch GMB here?

‘Just because you don’t speak the same language as each other, doesn’t mean you can’t have a friendship.’ Music superstar Khalid talks about collaborating with supergroup #BTS . ? @BTS_twt  | @thegreatkhalid 

@susannareid100  tells the PM about 77-year-old Elsie who eats one meal a day and stays on the bus all day to avoid using energy at home. She questions the PM about the comments he made about people having to make choices about what they spend their money on.

'You say you're doing everything you can. You're not.' @susannareid100  asks Boris Johnson if he is in touch with what people are experiencing amid the cost of living crisis. Susanna asks the PM why he can't impose a windfall tax on fuel companies.

‘Black-on-black violence is used to give the public the ridiculous impression all black people are at an equal risk of [committing] violent crime.’ explains why making knife crime a race issue is counterproductive.

Liverpool fans have been criticised for booing God Save The Queen at Saturday's FA Cup final against Chelsea at Wembley. So, we want to know: Is it ok to boo the national anthem?

Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended by The View following her controversial comments about the Holocaust when she said 'it was not about race' @Baddiel  tells @susannareid100  and @adilray  that Goldberg's comments reveal 'a lot about the confusions people have around anti-semitism'

Should masks be made mandatory again?