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Should Harry and Meghan be stripped of their royal titles? @piersmorgan  says the couple’s only value for companies like Netflix is their royal connection and the HRH title. He says they want to ‘trade off the royal titles to make vast amounts of money'.

‘Anchors with a bit of edge, bit of attitude, bit of personality.’ What is @afneil  leaving the BBC to do? The broadcaster tells @piersmorgan  and @susannareid100  how the new news channel he’s heading up ‘GB news’ will attempt to emulate US news channels.

‘I am as neutral and as impartial as anybody on the BBC.' ‘I come from a different political tradition but I don’t let that affect how I do interviews.’ @afneil  says the fact Boris Johnson refused to be interviewed by him during the election is testament to his impartiality.

Care Minister Helen Whately told Sky News the govt cannot support jobs where there ‘isn’t work at the moment’. @piersmorgan  and @susannareid100  ask what the govt is going to do about viable businesses that can’t operate because of restrictions they have put in place?

@RoyalBiographer  . says removing their titles wouldn’t achieve anything. She says it was a gift from the Queen on their wedding day and although she agrees they are trading off their royal connections, you can’t take away the fact he is a prince through blood.

‘There is a balance to make sure students are treated fairly but we can’t allow any university to fail financially.’ @susannareid100  asks Shadow Education Secretary@KateGreenSU  whether students should get a refund for their studies. Watch GMB👉

‘Why did it take you five days to apologise?’ ‘I just want to say now I am very sorry.’ @piersmorgan  challenges @KateGreenSU  over her comments that Labour ‘should not let a good crisis go to waste’.

‘I’m 6'4" and from Preston. I’m not meant to have an eating disorder. You just keep it hidden away.’ England legend @flintoff11  opens up to @piersmorgan  and @susannareid100  about his secret battle against bulimia. His doc highlighting eating disorders among men airs tonight.

‘Because you are so brave and such an inspiring little person.’ @piersmorgan  and @susannareid100  surprise @Hope4Harmonie  with the news she will be @MeningitisNow’s first ever junior ambassador. Complete with personalised sash and name badge! 🥰


Is @BTS_twt  x @Harry_Styles  the collab we never saw coming? 👀 The boys sing ‘Watermelon Sugar’ after nailing their new single ‘Dynamite’ - their first song entirely in English. #BTS  #BTSarmyarmy  Watch GMB here👉

This moment was just too beautiful for words, @susannareid100... ??? @piersmorgan @CharlotteHawkns 

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WATCH: @Nigel_Farage  tells @susannareid100  it was a 'mistake' for Leave to claim there'd be £350M a week for NHS

‘Just because you don’t speak the same language as each other, doesn’t mean you can’t have a friendship.’ Music superstar Khalid talks about collaborating with supergroup #BTS . ? @BTS_twt  | @thegreatkhalid 

'You're not having to risk your life in the trenches, you're being asked to go home and watch telly.' 'What is wrong with people.' @piersmorgan  urges everyone to follow government advice and stay at home.

‘It’s worth bearing in mind when we talk about immigrants in this country, these are the immigrants currently saving people's lives. Coming here and actually enriching our country and doing an amazing job’ - @piersmorgan 

New laws have been passed in several U.S. states to ban abortion. Becky Gerritson says abortion should be illegal in every state, even for victims of rape and incest. @piersmorgan  | @susannareid100 

‘Black-on-black violence is used to give the public the ridiculous impression all black people are at an equal risk of [committing] violent crime.’ explains why making knife crime a race issue is counterproductive.