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Latest Scoops

Ashley I. and Jared from @BachParadise are engaged!

Whoever is sitting at the front row at their wedding should bring a poncho... that girl can CRY. 🤣https://t.co/eiLGYUlV1y
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THIS FRIDAY: @BebeRexha is bringing the heat to Central Park! #BEBEREXHAonGMA 🔥🔥🔥
Backstreets Back! Sting & Shaggy, Backstreet Boys, Ne-Yo and 98 Degrees walk the carpet and answer questions at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY: https://t.co/JNkVf2Fpnq
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Tomorrow: Josh Brolin joins us LIVE in Times Square to talk about @SicarioMovie!
TOMORROW: Comedians @realleadelaria, @JewdyGold and @RandyRainbow sit down with our @JoyVBehar as a part of @ABC News’ #PrideMonth speaker series — join us in our studio!

Get FREE tickets: https://t.co/DowoMwZQkl
A tiny home that travels?! Sign us up! Jessie Lipskin spent three years and around $125,000 on renovations to a Greyhound bus turned chic mini-home. https://t.co/j6SdwejV4i
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Get comfy in the 20-item lingerie collection of bralettes, briefs, thongs, lounge wear and sleepwear. They come in funky styles like animal print, stars and floral.

H&M and Love Stories unveils new super comfortable lingerie collection: https://t.co/cMoJLV6Es8
"Oh, I'm like one of the only females in the room..."

Five keys to success from Pixar's first female short-film director: https://t.co/CnA8ZDOgD4
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Simpsons? Kim Possible? South Park? An artist created 50 self-portraits inspired by your favorite cartoon characters: https://t.co/4ByovbOdWz
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There are a few things kids needs for a magical summer: sun, water, popsicles and unicorns... obviously.

8 unicorn products your kids will want for a magical summer: https://t.co/pPrZ6iysJl
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