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COMING UP: @OfficialSting and @direalshaggy causing a scene in the green room at #GMADay!
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.@ladygaga reveals being bullied inspired her performance in @starisbornmovie - and @michaelstrahan shares his own bullying story #GMADay
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Scientists find it take 1/3 of a second to be attracted to someone - so if you BLINK you might miss the love of your life! **note to self: never blink again** #GMADay
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.@michaelstrahan demonstrating his killer yoga moves to @sarahaines 😂

We think he might need to go to another class... #GMADay
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Have a great day with #GMADay!

Tune in NOW to ABC to laugh along with @michaelstrahan and @sarahaines! https://t.co/W1vUNMab63
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#GMADay with @sarahaines and @michaelstrahan starts RIGHT NOW on @ABC!

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BREAKING: A Pennsylvania judge has deemed Bill Cosby a "sexually violent predator." https://t.co/0wZJnpG86J
#BTS performs LIVE, in-studio, in Times Square and WE. ARE. READY.

#BTSonGMA! https://
This season, sporty stripes are showing up in unexpected places, from oversized sweaters to sleek denim, making simple pieces feel effortlessly styled! https://t.co/86dU00wRdv
LESS THAN 24 HOURS until @BTS_twt is in Times Square!

RT if you'll be watching!

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