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Latest Scoops

Nick Lachey's employee, who was shot on Thanksgiving, speaks out after suspect caught: "I can't change what happened." https://t.co/xt6vsEw8FB
Houston area saw its first snowfall in 8 years and this golden retriever was loving every moment of it. https://t.co/fffe3jhMGF
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Stunningly beautiful river of lava captured on camera at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. https://t.co/GhLAs3KkGZ
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Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered two small ancient tombs in the southern city of Luxor dating back some 3,500 years. https://t.co/Wa3BDOy6gY
Children's hospital jumps into action to help save a 7-year-old's Elf on a Shelf after it was attacked by her dog. https://t.co/052a2NP7sk
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Princes William and Harry chose sculptor for Diana statue https://t.co/vYNeKzyNzl
For the first time in more than half a century, a series of Christmas cards and booklets that feature poems by Robert Frost are on display. https://t.co/wIGCVxlYwl
5 years after Sandy Hook shooting, plans for a permanent memorial take shape. https://t.co/4UWFqEDyLs
This golden retriever is the best surrogate mom for this litter of kittens. https://t.co/vTv9wrGuaw
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T-rex enjoys first day of snow, creates snow angels and snowballs. https://t.co/kS2g6OEHYc
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