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Latest Scoops

Holy cheetah! This video shows a car driving in the middle of a pack of pronghorn antelope in snowy Elm Springs, South Dakota. https://t.co/rpkuAJr6Kp
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WOW! This pastor hits one of the most impressive 3-point skyhook shots you’ll ever see.
🏀 https://t.co/dfpr4vSYEz
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Women are having babies in their 50's and beyond and this may be the reason why. https://t.co/7Q2iCF8MjM
Death toll from twin blasts in Somalia's capital rises to 21. https://t.co/UrQU875gER
People arrested by U.S. deportation officers increasingly have no criminal backgrounds. https://t.co/UbifXkIcSG
Winning seven U.S. House seats currently held by California Republicans is critical to Democrats' hopes of taking back Congress in the midterm elections. https://t.co/Tg8ssFnj5z
The time has come and the #WinterGames are wrapping up today. Fans from all around the world traveled to Pyeongchang, adding to the fun atmosphere and sense of international harmony! https://t.co/fsGEhqQ2T0
TO THE RESCUE: A woman bravely wades through freezing water to rescue a dog that fell through thin ice. https://t.co/iNeJ8uDlgQ
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“You stole her heart from day one, but she stole your last name forever.” A father receives a very special gift from his adopted daughter for his birthday, when she surprises him by changing her last name to his. His reaction will melt your heart! https://t.co/ZAiK9uUUYy
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A suspected drug chief known as the "Pablo Escobar" was extradited to the U.S. yesterday. https://t.co/MqXIuam0rl
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