$SPX suffered the worst intraday reversal and loss to the downside since 2008

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BREAKING: President Trump will sign an executive order regarding social media companies tomorrow

I realize some don’t want to hear this...nonetheless, in the era of coronavirus, BORDERS matter. We MUST to do everything we can to protect our fellow Americans.

Italian health officials said Covid-19 hit older people the hardest and that 96% of the people who died were also sick with other illnesses

Rebound for victory 🙋 Bet with $BTC via ⟶ √

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Trump to sign executive order on social-media companies on Thursday. $TWTR $FB

RBA Governor Interest rates to stay low for "some years" #ausbiz  #ausecon  #markets  #auspol  #commsec  @CommSec 

RIP Larry Kramer, 84. To fight a different virus in a different era, Larry sounded alarm bells so loud they couldn’t be ignored by the powers that be who wanted to ignore AIDS. His activism helped make living w HIV a condition rather than death sentence.

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If Vladimir Putin remains in power until 2036, he would have ruled Russia for as long as Ivan the Terrible

Fans may not be in the stands but Korean baseball is back. Reporter @hj257  attends a baseball game in South Korea to see how they play through a pandemic. #WSJWhatsNow 

White House says Trump will issue an executive order against social media