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An Arizona cop threatened to arrest a 12-year-old journalist. She wasn’t backing down.
How the high cost of court records through PACER runs contrary to First Amendment values
"NYT v. Sullivan is a supremely important case in establishing the First Amendment as truly protecting free speech."

If the Supreme Court revisits this ruling, like Justice Thomas apparently wants, bedrock press freedom rights would be at stake.
The "hit list" of people a white supremacist Coast Guard lieutenant allegedly intended to target is chilling. In addition to politicians, it included numerous CNN and MSNBC journalists, including Don Lemon and Chris Hayes:
NYC Journalists: Join @huertanix’s workshop on February 23 at @Babycastles to learn how to safely use two-factor authentication to protect your online accounts from password breaches and phishing attempts. Ticket price includes your very own hardware key!
NYT v. Sullivan was one of — if not THE — most important press freedom decisions of the 20th century. That a Supreme Court justice now wants the court to revisit the landmark decision is disturbing to say the least.
Egypt expels New York Times correspondent, detains local journalist on false news charges:
@nbcsnl Trump has previously: Suggested critical news orgs lose their press credentials, vowed to "revisit " libel laws, blamed reporters for violence, and reportedly urged FBI to jail journalists. See other chilling statements documented by @uspresstracker
In Trump's latest escalation in his war on the First Amendment, he called for an investigation into and "retribution" against comedy show @nbcsnl. Trump has similarly attacked news outlets in the past, but rarely follows up on his threats.
Dozens of journalists, volunteers and lawyers have been interrogated by CBP at the San Diego border over the past several weeks

The Most Relevant

Police militarization is now a press freedom issue. HuffPost statement on the arrest of their reporter in #Ferguson:
Starting with Gawker and L.A. Weekly, we're backing up entire news sites that might be threatened by the "billionaire problem," in which wealthy buyers can erase coverage they dislike
Sheriff Joe Arpaio once arrested some reporters covering him and subpoenaed the IP addresses of the people who read their stories about him.
BREAKING: The Senate has voted to reauthorize a bill that allows for warrantless surveillance of Americans through 2023, with no reforms that protect your right to privacy. The bill heads now to Trump's desk, where it will be signed into law.
In the past 3 days, Trump has:
1. Threatened to sue @NYTimes
2. Had a VICE reporter arrested
3. Blamed NY bombings on ‘freedom of the press’
Are you someone who works at ICE and still has a conscience? Here's how to contact dozens of news organizations using . Audio, video, and documents all accepted.
Our statement on whistleblower Reality Winner being sentenced to the longest prison sentence in the history of leak cases for alerting the public about attempts to hack US election infrastructure:
Our statement on Jeff Sessions' disturbing press conference announcing a crackdown on leaks and journalism
If you work for the Trump administration and your conscience compels you to blow the whistle, you can use to contact the press.
Digital rights advocates have known for years that the UK's mass surveillance regime violates human rights and privacy. Today, it has been ruled illegal:
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