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NEW: Two D.C. police officers said the police department made them abort their pregnancies to keep their jobs. "I was told I had to have an abortion or be fired from the MPD cadet program," one officer said. Via @PhilipECaldwell 

NEW: Yet another Democrat was caught violating their own state's mask mandate. @RepSusieLeeNV  was caught violating Nevada's mask mandate last weekend at a ritzy gala honoring a Chinese billionaire. @matthewfoldia '>V @MatthewFoldia  &am @AndrewStilesUSA ;

. @SusieLeeNV  parties indoors without a mask, but she is wearing one in every photo she posts on her official Twitter account - even outdoors.

NEW: @MarshaBlackburn  - a leading Republican critic of Big Tech - told the @FreeBeacon  that the Facebook whistleblower's policy recommendations could lead to increased censorship of conservatives. Via @rSanti97 

NEW: @RepMalinowski  failed to disclose 134 financial transactions worth up to $3.3 million. He is awaiting a ruling from the House Ethics Committee on his past failures to disclose millions of dollars' worth of stock trades. Via @MatthewFoldi 

NEW: GOP lawmakers are concerned that the Biden administration removed sanctions to entice Iran into resuming negotiations aimed at securing a return to the nuclear deal. Via @Kredo0 

In September, @Terry McAuliffe said that parents shouldn't "be telling schools what they should teach." Now McAuliffe is on the defense, and he's accusing @GlennYoungkin  of taking his "words out of context." Via @brokehomiecol 

Column: @continetti  on The Two Countercultures "Who can triangulate between the countercultures of left and right and the real silent majority of Americans, who would like nothing more than the extremes to go away?"

China pulled Celtics games after center @Enes_ Kanter protested Beijing's repressive rule over Tibet. Kanter called for China to "free Tibet" and said China is carrying out "cultural genocide" in the region. @thebigleboshki '>Vi @thebigleboshki 


@NBCNews  featured a pair of "undecided" voters during a network town hall earlier this week who had previously declared their support for Democratic nominee @JoeBiden  on the network's sister channel, @MSNBC . via @brokehomiecol  a @DavidRutzd 

Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer said the vice president’s public speaking ability has deteriorated significantly since leaving office to the point where he’s "not the same Joe Biden." Via @alanagoodman 

Caught on Video: @RashidaTlaib  Admits She Only Wears Mask for Cameras "I'm just wearing it because I've got a Republican tracker here" Via @brokehomiecol 

SUPERCUT: Democrats reclaim their time during Bill Barr hearing Via @DavidRutz 

@ShuttleCDRKelly  petitioned a Texas court in 2010 to sentence his ex-wife to 6 months in jail and 10 years of supervised release after she moved to a new town a few miles outside of their children’s school district. @alanagoodmana '>V @alanagoodmana 

The campaign spokesman for @ShuttleCDRKelly  referred to police as "worthless f—ing pigs" on Twitter in August, a comment that could complicate Kelly's effort to distance himself from anti-police sentiment from the left flank of his party. V @alanagoodmana