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House Republicans have joined a watchdog complaint against the acting director of the Bureau of Land Management, questioning whether the former environmental activist has improperly given favor to her former employees. Via @MatthewFoldi 

@PhiladelphiaGov 's decision to freeze referrals to @CSSPhiladelphia  in 2018 left some of the city's most vulnerable children in the lurch. Via @KevinDaleyDC 

Hong Kong authorities this week used a Chinese national security law defended in the @nytimes  to arrest five editors at a newspaper critical of Beijing. Via @ChuckRossDC 

Iran Poised To Elect Mass Murderer AUDIO: Presidential frontrunner Ebrahim Raisi plotted mass killing of regime opponents Via @Kredo0  and @alanagoodman 

Three Cheers for the @MSNBC  Employee Unionization Effort The liberal network has a history of traumatizing its workers Via @AndrewStilesUSA 

Federal law enforcement and various intelligence agencies are bolstering programs to police online speech and purported "misinformation," according to a report released by @PresElectBiden 's @sayssimonsonl '>National Security Counc @SaysSimonsonl . Via

The Nigerian government's crackdown on Twitter may signal insecurity in an African country that could give a foothold to Islamic extremist groups and other foreign influencers. Via @JacobAdams2000 


Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer said the vice president’s public speaking ability has deteriorated significantly since leaving office to the point where he’s "not the same Joe Biden." Via @alanagoodman 

SUPERCUT: Democrats reclaim their time during Bill Barr hearing Via @DavidRutz 

@NBCNews  featured a pair of "undecided" voters during a network town hall earlier this week who had previously declared their support for Democratic nominee @JoeBiden  on the network's sister channel, @MSNBC . via @brokehomiecol  a @DavidRutzd 

The @nytimes  quietly deleted hundreds of advertorials that the Chinese Communist Party paid to publish on its website. Via @franklyIamhappy 

Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver is no longer affiliated with the Democratic Super PAC after admitting—in the classic tradition of the Friday evening news dump—to having "inappropriate" sexual conversations with young men. Via @AndrewStilesUSA 

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