Rep. Frank Pallone

Rep. Frank Pallone

The official Twitter account of Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D), of New Jersey's 6th district, Ranking Member of @EnergyCommerce Committee.

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This is fantastic news – the Biden Administration has purchased an additional 200 million #COVID19  vaccines. I'm working on passing legislation to provide the resources needed to get these vaccines into arms quickly.

Companies should not be allowed to take whatever personal information they want and use it however they want. Americans deserve baseline privacy protections, and I’m committed to working towards federal legislation that puts consumers first.

Vaccine misinformation is dangerous, especially now as we enter a new stage in our #COVID19  fight, one which depends on public confidence in the vaccine. Action against misinfo must be swift & consistent to be successful. Other platforms must follow suit.

@ChrisMurphyCT  & I sent a letter to @PresElectBiden  today requesting support for living shoreline coastal resiliency projects to help coastal communities combat climate change & rebuild our economy. These projects build resiliency against flooding, protect the environment & support jobs.

Donald Trump has played a big role in helping Facebook spread disinformation, but whether he’s on the platform or not, Facebook and other social media platforms with the same business model will find ways to highlight divisive content to drive advertising revenues.

The last four Congresses, my @EnergyCommerce  Committee has put forth several bipartisan bills to strengthen our preparedness for cyberattacks on our energy sector, including pipelines. Some passed the House last year & now we must immediately pass the rest.


The global community must continue to condemn Beijing’s authoritarian policies against Hong Kong. I stand with the pro-democracy civil society in Hong Kong who are fighting for free speech and basic human rights.

During the President’s speech tonight, I’ll be thinking about Claire & all of the other kids living with pre-existing conditions. President Trump needs to stop trying to tear away the protections that she and 130 million other Americans depend on. #SOTU 

Congress is pulling no punches in the fight against @Huawei . The company can’t be trusted. My bill to rip its hardware from our networks & replace it with more secure equipment is now law, AND I have a new bill to develop reliable & safe alternatives.

Germany shouldn’t let Huawei build its 5G networks. The company simply cannot be trusted. Our countries should work together to develop trusted alternatives to build the next generation of telecommunications networks.

Turkey and Azerbaijan have proven themselves untrustworthy and should no longer receive security assistance from the United States. I'm glad so many of my colleagues are making this point and I hope it has a lasting impact on US aid policy moving forward.

Trump has no shame. Tonight, he’s promising an executive order to protect people with pre-existing conditions when that’s already the law. The ACA does just that and he’s been trying to repeal it for years. Shameless!

Bottom line: block grants hurt the very people Medicaid is intended to help. I will continue to fight to #ProtectOurCare !

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