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UBS 1/2: #ECB  Strategy At a glance: #ECB  President#Lagarde  has launched the institution's first monetary policy strategy review since 2003 The review should be completed by year-end, and will encompass questions around price stability, the monetary policy toolkit, economic and

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Strategy / President

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President Trump, who loves promoting his Trump-branded businesses when he’s overseas, is heading to the country that’s home to the most overseas Trump properties. And his personal businesses are already getting tons of attention there. via @anitakumar01 

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I hope, I genuinely hope, that someone launches a credible third party bid. Because I will vote for them.

There have been at least 6 anecdotal reports of precincts in Nevada where confusion about the rules and incorporating early vote has caused a delay in reporting, according to reporting from @ABC .

"I reject! I reject!" Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Chile rejecting the new proposed constitution, calling for reforms to health care, education, and pensions

The number of catalogs mailed in America has fallen since its high of 19 billion in 2007, @amandamull  reports, but an estimated 11.5 billion were still sent in 2018. What explains the surprising persistence of the mail-order business?

Robots have arrived on Wall Street, and humans need to learn how to work with them

If Sen. Sanders wins the nomination, some Democrats worry President Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.

Getting people to change their minds is hard. Here's how to do it.

Fintech startup Chime gives users their paychecks early. Now it's coming for their savings accounts