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TD Securities 1/2: PM May's defeat following " meaningless vote" was expected. We downplay today's no confidence vote on her leadership as she is likely to survive. Political overtures by PM to rival parties in aftermath of defeat suggest that a soft Brexit may be in the offing
Danske Bank 1/2: As we are now in unchartered territory, the next days of debate in parliament and not least the no-confidence vote tomorrow (today) will be directional for #GBP. We expect $EURGBP to stay in the 0.88-0.9060 range until further #Brexit clarification.
ABN Amro 1/6: Germany’s Statistisches Bundesamt published its 2018 annual economic growth figures today. GDP expanded by 1.5% in 2018, down from 2.2% in 2017. In line with what had already been suggested by trade data and the quarterly growth numbers for 2018Q1-Q3, the weakening
ABN Amro 1/2: While the government shutdown is persisting somewhat longer than expected, it affects only around a quarter of federal government workers, and many of these are continuing to work for the time being without pay.
National Australia Bank 1/3: The bottom line is the equations point to quite a slowdown in both economies – but no recession out in 2020. Slowing is more pronounced in the US where by late 2019 & into 2020 GDP looks set to slow to below potential (around 1¾%) while Australia
National Australia Bank: Nab Markets recently published a note on Probit modelling from yield curves on the possibility of a #USrecession. That suggested a possibility of around 25% - i.e. a mild chance but one that has increased recently.
Rabobank 1/3: We won’t be getting US retail sales due to the government shutdown, or business inventories, but we will get the US Fed’s Beige Book. What can that tell us to help explain their sudden volte farce, including even the hawkish #George urging “patience”, and #Kaplan
KBC Bank: We still see no hard case for a sustained USD rally going forward, but for now day day-to-day #EURUSD momentum is again negative. We look for a botomming out process. $EURUSD 1.1309 is first minor support.
ING Bank 1/6: We estimate that the probability-weighted outcome for #GBP has marginally improved - by one big figure for both $EURGBP and $GBPUSD based on our estimates. This is because the somewhat lower likelihood of an imminent early election, marginally lower perceived odds
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