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DBS Bank 1/5: $AUDUSD has recovered from a 0.7164 low, aligning with our suspicion that unless 0.7140 breaks, the currency should pop in another recovery.
This comes as broader US #DXY cools ahead of the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of Dec 2016 to Feb 2018 range extremes;
DBS Bank: $AUDUSD: Brewing silently in the background: Sell at 0.7350. Target price at 0.7185 oco stop loss at 0.7445. #AUD #aussie #AUDUSDUSD
Citibank 1/5: US headline inflation rose 0.3% MoM and 2.5% YoY in Oct as expected.Core CPI advanced 0.193%MoM in October, very close to our projection of 0.18%. This brought the year-on-year reading down to 2.1%YoY as we expected.
OCBC Bank: Although the dollar may continue to range trade, the dissimilar undercurrents in the respective majors may see investors staying heavy on a cross like the $EURAUD in the interim.
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CIBC Capital Markets 1/2: US Oct Retail Sales Driven by Drivers: Today’s report highlights the important role that American consumer will still have in driving growth in Q4. #forex #fx #currencies #forextradert#fxtraderr#currencytradera#forextradingd#fxtradinge#currencytradingr trader trading trading
Scotiabank 1/2: $GBPUSD short-term technicals: neutral/bearish – #GBPUSD retains a weak undertone. Gains yesterday stalled above 1.30 and around the 40-day MA, more or less as we expected. Intraday losses have been significant and modest rebounds look merely corrective. #GBP
Scotiabank 1/3: $EURUSD short-term technicals: neutral – #EURUSD has managed to trade Back to – and through, with relative ease – the low 1.13 area which rather leaves the near-term outlook for the EUR a little less negative, we feel. #EUR #euro #eurodollard#forexo#fxllar
Scotiabank 1/2: $USDCAD short-term technicals: bullish-neutral—#USDCAD has settled into a tight three session range with congestion in the mid/lower-1.32s. Bullish momentum appears to be stalling out and the DMI’s are softening.
UBS: We believe recent sell-off marks a bull market correction rather than beginning of a bear cycle. We are managing downside risks with a number of counter-cyclical positions. However, we think overall environment still favors an overweight position in global equity markets.
UBS 1/2: Rome and Brussels are at odds over Italy’s 2019 budget, which calls for a looser fiscal position and a more gradual pace of deficit reduction than the European Commission mandates. Our base case (60–70%) is for heightened tensions,
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