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Frances Fisher I❤️99

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Pressured by Simmons Over Exposé, Oprah Faced a Big Decision Ms Dixon: “Oprah shouldn’t get to decide for any of the #silencebreakers  in the film whether or not this movie is worth seeing & O shouldn’t get to decide for the whole rest of the world.”

“So all I hope,” Ms. Dixon added, “is that somebody else will champion this film.”

Ya gotta listen all the way to the end for the payoff!

Ellen, That’s the best question ever asked! Prosecutors should ask this.

@builders_with  @xyzrelationship “ @theReal_RebelW  @ForWilliamsone  women of one country will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.”

When people say they don’t believe Russell Simmons sexually assaulted women because he’s an animal activist, I remind them that Hitler was a vegetarian. @OnTheRecordDoc  @sundancefest  #BelieveWomen  #BelieveSurvivors  #MeTooMVMT  #MeToo 

I’ve already got my tix. Can’t wait to see this Jeff!!!


I was wondering what the real reason was for the #TrumpAddress . just revealed: Right after his speech Trump sent out a letter asking his base to donate ASAP to “Build The Wall”, but in fine print the money goes to Trump’s Re-election Campaign. Lying to his own base.

Maybe it’s time to call New Zealand Prime Minister@jacindaardern  - She got assault weapons banned in her country within 24 hours. #ElPasoShooting  #DaytonShooting 

I just signed up to help get elected! Two hours out of your day to Election Day for Mississippi's historic Senate race is just 3 days away! Trumpublicans are panicking as Lynchin’ Cindy Hyde-Smith implodes, while Democrat Mike Espy soars.

How do I stop a sexual predator from texting me? Asking for 225,000,000 friends. #PresidentialAlert 

You ordered the to children wo #Militarymen  #teargasand  men today at our southern border. That is a . You are suppo #warcrimerting  a of course becau #racistse  YOU are. And We don’t need #ClimateChangeIsReal  more bigots in government. Vote #EspyForMississippi 

The brilliant “They'll believe that every single word in a 2000-year-old book is true. They'll believe a 227-year-old amendment protects their assault weapons. But they won't believe a woman's sexual assault because "that was a long time ago."” #WhyIDidntReport 

Just when I thought my admiration for Meryl Streep was at it's peak she tops herself again #GoldenGlobes  #MerylStreep 

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Reminder: #DNC  Lawyers to Court, "We Do Not Owe Voters an 'Impartial' or 'Evenhanded' Primary Election" READ "This is your periodic reminder that the is not an organizatio #DemocraticParty  that Democratic voters belong to or have any right to control."