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Woman describes 3-year-old daughter being freed from washing machine in Facebook post. https://t.co/Xy8duxgUlX
.@POTUS claims Mueller probe is driving the US and Russia apart, says Putin calls it a 'shame', in an interview with @seanhannity airing at 9p ET on Fox News Channel. Tune in! https://t.co/rh9IFK2xO5
Ancient papyrus mystery solved. https://t.co/lzs7LdplmC
.@Rep_Matt_Gaetz: "I found Lisa Page far more forthcoming and honest than I found Peter Strzok.#TheStory"https://t.co/WvF4mH35IB
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'Not About Decorum, But Dignity': Cavuto Says Trump Should Stop Blaming Predecessors, Praising Enemies https://t.co/dSOMC1keoh
Fox News Exclusive: Putin Denies Hacking DNC, Asks Why Mueller Didn't Send Correspondence Before Indictments https://t.co/Kf02I2rxv2
.@AndrewCMcCarthy: "I do not understand the obsession with this whole idea that we have to have good relations with Russia... Russia is an anti-American, aggressive, thug country." #TheStory
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Trump claims Mueller probe driving US, Russia apart, says Putin calls it a 'shame' https://t.co/wq7xhVZIyW
"90% of the nuclear power in the world between these two nations, and we’ve had a phony witch hunt deal drive us apart."

@POTUS sits down with @seanhannity for his first interview following his meeting with Russian President Putin. Tune in tonight at 9p ET on Fox News Channel.
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.@RepSwalwell on Trump-Putin summit: "There may have been an American flag on that stage— I did not see an American president. I saw two defenders of Russia." #TheStory https://t.co/yDQGEHb5F2
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