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After Hurricane Harvey, what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of flooded cars?
David Clarke: #Trump 'Wins Either Way' in #Alabama GOP Primary https://t.co/S4xVnTbYpI
.@POTUS warns North Korea: Nobody is going to mess with our people. https://t.co/De9I5vm3GC
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.@chelseahandler: Can We Trade #Trump for Kim Jong Un? https://t.co/gZLDeNJGBd
#Alabama rally: #Trump campaigns in last-ditch effort for Senate candidate Luther Strange https://t.co/VQaiPVAq7a
.@POTUS Rips Past Presidents: 'Rocket Man' Should've Been Handled a Long Time Ago https://t.co/ZKSWmeC2Du
.@POTUS: "We're building our future with American hands, American labor...We will buy American, we will hire American."
.@POTUS: "We are standing up for American workers, and defending American jobs and American industry."
.@POTUS: Veterans are our greatest people. https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "With Luther Strange...you send a fighter to change Washington the way we all know it can be." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "[Sen. Luther Strange] has always been for us." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "By the way folks, just in case you're curious, no, Russia did not help me." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
'Tell That Son of a B***h He's Fired': #Trump Blasts @NFL Anthem Kneelers https://t.co/K53Tfj2Jkg
.@POTUS: "To me, winning the popular vote is easier." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "Luther has proved that he's not beholden to anyone, and not afraid to take on anyone." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "When [Sen. Luther Strange] walks in, everybody knows that Alabama has arrived." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
LIVE BLOG: #Trump holds #Alabama rally ahead of primary election https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "We protect our citizens, uphold our traditions, and we will always defend our borders." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "We support the rule of law, and we stand strong with the incredible men and women of law enforcement." https://t.co/IWRgTcibLJ
.@POTUS: "We believe Judges must interpret the Constitution as written, and that includes defending...our great Second Amendment."
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