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Florida Student: 'Just Disgusting' That Armed Deputy Didn't Enter School During Massacre https://t.co/Ap7xYj0uLa
OPINION: @POTUS announces tough North Korea sanctions -- Here’s what may happen next https://t.co/Ntyxcfw3tn
.@GovAbbott on mass shootings: "Think of the level of violence that people see in some of the videos games they watch and some of the movies they watch and the way that violence is glorified in places like Hollywood." @TeamCavuto
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.@BobCusack on Russia probe: "If you look at Mueller's team, he's got a lot of experts on financial transactions so I think they're following the money." @TeamCavuto
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.@BobCusack on Russia probe: "The other thing from Mueller's steps so far, don't lie to him. He has gone after a number of people in this investigation who have lied under oath." @TeamCavuto https://t.co/jGeYBdzhF9
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'Scandalous,' Episode 6: The Impeachment of President Bill Clinton https://t.co/JZOQi3gFyx
Randy Sutton on gun control: "People who think that legislating these type of events out of existence, it's just not going to work...murder is already against the law." @TeamCavuto
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.@jahimes on @POTUS' gun law stance: "I've been a pretty tough critic of this president for a year or so, but I give him a lot of credit for listening, as he did the other day to some pretty horrible stories & coming up with some ideas that...I think we should be talking about."
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"I'm told that the woman hit the barricade intentionally." —@johnrobertsFox reports on the vehicle that rammed a security barrier near the @WhiteHouse on Friday @TeamCavuto https://t.co/fmOKjj3ckD
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Paul Manafort accuses ex-business associate Rick Gates of lacking ‘strength,’ as Gates pleads guilty in Russia probe https://t.co/TlP9lIe70m
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