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OP-ED: Adopting a child with Down Syndrome was the greatest thing I could have done for my family https://t.co/5c8zYzggPk
Tune in for @ShepNewsTeam's live coverage of #Eclipse2017 Monday starting at noon ET on Fox News Channel! https://t.co/zaZwNu0KcA
You won Powerball's $510M jackpot, now what? https://t.co/dMBXm4j6hZ (Via @FoxBusiness)
.@LawrenceBJones3: "For the most part, the protests were peaceful."
Do you agree with @KevinJacksonTBS?
.@nedryun: "While we haven't been a perfect nation, we have allowed the greatest amount of freedom for the greatest amount of people."
.@nedryun on Confederate monuments: "If we're going to focus on the past, it doesn't allow us to focus on the promise of the future."
Pilots embrace their waiting family members for the first time following a seven-month deployment.
.@dbongino: "Bad media does the public a huge disservice."
Moments ago @IvankaTrump tweeted about the rallies across the country and how we must come together as Americans.
.@RepLeeZeldin on the departure of Steve Bannon: "President Trump isn't going to stop fighting for securing our border and building a wall."
.@michiokaku on the solar eclipse: "For two minutes and forty seconds... Animals will start to go to sleep. You'll see the stars at night."
Joy Villa on removing Confederate statues: "Instead of tearing down America, we need to build America up."
Joy Villa on removing Confederate statues: "Trying to erase history is not putting us forward it's putting us backwards."
On @ffweekend, @LawrenceBJones3 slammed a Democratic state senator who called for @POTUS's assassination. https://t.co/nJSoBIiSF2
.@SecShulkin: "We are going to be demanding a lot more of the people caring for our country's veterans."
.@SecShulkin on Confederate monuments: "Words matter and you have to respect peoples' opinions."
If You Received a Robocall About a 'Free Cruise,' You Could Get $900 https://t.co/CfiDHFzdog
South Carolina cop survives shooting on video: 'Tell my family I love them' https://t.co/mz3rx9KbkS
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Audrey Hepburn nearly starved to death during World War II: 'She survived by eating tulip bulbs' https://t.co/ekFp5MH8RZ
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