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.@GaryKaltbaum says $AAPL will beat $AMZN in the race to becoming the first trillion-dollar company: "I think slow and steady's going to do the trick."
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Manufacturing’s future is where the jobs are: Johnson Controls CEO https://t.co/RdZmprxV1i
.@WellsFargo refunding ‘tens of millions’ of dollars to customers for add-on products: report https://t.co/cfR1LJjgP7
Trump calls for Turkey to release American pastor
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Sunken Imperial Russian warship may contain $130 billion in gold https://t.co/liwreKYhL9
RECALL ALERT: @Ford recalls vehicles for roll-away risk https://t.co/KYbF4z0Riq
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Gold's demise may be golden for US stocks https://t.co/5oyp8TeX0Y
.@POTUS once again honed in on the high cost of U.S. prescription drugs on Thursday morning, praising Novartis and Pfizer for their recent decisions not to raise prices. https://t.co/KB8PDvKEyp
.@JackAblin says $AMZN will beat $AAPL in the race to becoming the first trillion-dollar company: "It seems to be floating on air."
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Facebook to start removing posts that could lead to violence https://t.co/nhmtBVWufW
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