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.@Jim_Jordan on the caravan of migrants bound for the U.S. border:

"Every sovereign nation has a right to control their borders and secure their borders."
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Here are the top 10 states that spend the most on welfare https://t.co/on3F01u9gi
.@DA_Stockman: "It is time for the fantasy to end and for us to recognize we have backed ourselves into a horrible corner."
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The economy may be booming, but slow wage growth, inflation and expensive housing are making most of America’s states “unaffordable.”
Markets since 2016 election:
.@DA_Stockman: U.S. sanctions on Saudi Arabia would roil stocks https://t.co/mlDCTdFcHc
Shah Gilani: "I think there may be some selling ahead. This is problematic in terms of geopolitics and I don't think the selling is probably done."
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.@POTUS was right to cut taxes, but Fed criticism is 'awkward': Alan Greenspan https://t.co/sYK9otz2Px
.@AJInsight remains optimistic despite recent markets downtrend: "I may be the last bull standing, or the last bull in this room, but I see so much value right now."
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.@GaryKaltbaum believes recent market instability is cause for concern:

"I think the markets are flushing out in the next few months. Earnings are going to head south or decelerate, as well as the economy. And I think that's the problem here." https://t.co/n3qcSA4nqT
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