Courtney Nguyen
alex better score a hatty tomorrow im not down with this golden boot thing being close tbh
Alex better score a hatty tomorrow I’m not down with this Golden Boot thing being close tbh

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as i was saying vardy what an achievement deserved record golden boot lcfc v manutd
As I was saying... #Vardy
What an achievement.
Deserved record. #Golden boot
@LCFC v @ManUtd
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BBC Sport
done deal england right back kieran trippier s move to spanish giants atletico madrid has been completed full

England right-back Kieran Trippier's move to Spanish giants Atletico Madrid has been completed.

Full story ➡ #Spurs #THFC #bbcfootball
BBC Sport
spanish midfielder dani ceballos is reportedly close to signing with arsenal after two years with real madrid
Spanish midfielder Dani Ceballos is reportedly close to signing with Arsenal, after two years with Real Madrid.

The Gossip
#bbcfootball #AFC #RMCF
worldemojiday pick the emoji that you relate to most today carlossainz55 landonorris

Pick the emoji that you relate to most today. @Carlossainz55 @LandoNorris
LeBron James
i had it laid out before you knew what a plan was three hundred mil later now you understand us
I had it laid out before you knew what a plan was
Three Hundred mil’ later, NOW you understand us! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤫
Chelsea FC
it s always been a chelsea thing ft frank lampard joe cole ron harris phil daniels and
It's always been a Chelsea thing. 🔵😉

ft: @rubey_lcheek, @CesarAzpi, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Ron Harris, @omid9, @clrafferty1, @JustinRose99, Phil Daniels, @AbbieAbbiemac, @oliverproudlock, @KennyAllstar, @TheBoyWolfy, @CapoLee100 and @DJTrevorNelson.

Bleacher Report
opened the i promise school to help at risk students one year since it opened 90 of students have met or exce
.@KingJames opened the I Promise School to help at-risk students.

One year since it opened, 90% of students have met or exceeded their growth goals, and the school hopes to set a blueprint for others across the country 🙌

Tottenham Hotspur
we have reached agreement with atletico madrid for the transfer of trippier2 we wish kieran all the best for t
We have reached agreement with Atletico Madrid for the transfer of @trippier2.

We wish Kieran all the best for the future.
Cleveland Browns
this month s espn cover
This month's @espn cover... 🐶
Cincinnati Reds
looks like a sonny day in chicago borntobaseball
Looks like a Sonny day in Chicago.

Manchester United
we ve heard of marauding full backs but how about a marauding centre half vlindelof mufc mutour
We've heard of marauding full-backs...

...but how about a marauding centre-half? 😉

@VLindelof #MUFC #MUTOUR
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