Iraq / Iranian / Jeffrey Martini Ariane Tabatabai

The protests in Iraq seem to complement Trump’s own maximum pressure campaign to shrink Iranian influence, Jeffrey Martini and Ariane Tabatabai write.

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Iraq / Iranian / Jeffrey Martini Ariane Tabatabai

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25 Million Evangelical Christians are not registered to vote. We are working hard to get them registered! @robertjeffress  @LouDobbs 

“The FBI declares in a court filing that it has absolutely no records of disciplinary action against any lawyers in Russia Fisa Case despite 17 acts of misconduct. There is nothing noble about their leadership. FISA Court appears to be either corrupt or incompetent.” @LouDobbs 

Trump abused his power by coercing a foreign nation into helping him cheat in the next election. He betrayed his oath of office. Congress also swore an oath — to uphold the Constitution. Today, the Judiciary Committee honored this oath by approving two articles of impeachment.

Vindman attorney responds: “My client has seen war, and has sacrificed greatly for our country. He has said nothing publicly but for statements made pursuant to a subpoena. He deserves better than to be mocked, taunted, and bullied by the Commander-in-Chief,” per @kaitlancollins 

Despair is not an option. Stand up, get involved, organize. That is the only way we defeat Trump.

It’s worth noting that most people who echo a world where facts and expertise don’t matter in politics or the climate crisis or economic justice still choose to go to fact-based expert doctors when they get sick.

Each empty box in this yearbook represents a family and community shattered by gun violence at schools. It’s been almost 300 days since the bipartisan gun safety bill passed the House. McConnell, it’s time for the Senate to vote.

Judicial Watch & @DailyCaller  released 8 pages of State Dept docs revealing that 28 days before the inauguration of @realDonaldTrump , former State Dept official Jonathan Winer had a phone call w/the “political chief” at the Russian Embassy in D.C. READ:

A reminder that all of you on the 14th floor are in reality on the 13th floor and seriously this is the dumbest thing ever

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Welfare and well being of common man is at the core of our governance initiatives