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Joe Biden’s foreign-policy plans both reject and accept Trump’s legacy, FP’s@jamescrabtree  writes.

Chinese users have flocked to the app Clubhouse, with many opting out of the tech and business chatter popular with Americans for the rooms discussing democracy and human rights, @melissakchan  writes.

In Israel, 35-year-olds are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. Australia’s government is arguing about hydroxychloroquine (again), while Madagascar’s is pushing a botanical solution. Our new series on the global vaccine rollout:

The burden of China’s COVID-19-induced economic downturn has disproportionately fallen on rural Chinese.

Old-school foreign reporting has almost disappeared. That has significance far beyond the journalist profession, Janine di Giovanni writes. From our 50th anniversary print issue:

The most tangible thing the U.S. government can do to support Uighurs is to fully use its refugee admissions program, Olivia Enos and Hardin Lang write.

Latin America’s chronic failure at regional coordination has spurred interest in renewed U.S. leadership and cooperation, @benjamingedan  writes.

The decisions reached this spring by leaders of the 30 NATO countries will determine NATO’s plans and priorities for a long time to come. Thus, it is vital that the summit directly address China, Thomas de Maizière and A. Wess Mitchell write.

"My intention in making 'Hotel Rwanda' was to show the horror and cruelty of the Rwandan genocide to the world. President Kagame thanked me for doing that when he sat next to me at the premier back in 2005," writes Terry George.


EXCLUSIVE: President Donald Trump pressed senior aides last June to devise and carry out a campaign to discredit senior FBI officials after learning that those specific officials were likely to be witnesses against him.

Protests broke out in Hong Kong after the government attempted to force through a controversial extradition law. Although the bill has since been withdrawn, the protesters demands have broadened.

For better or worse, Mohammed Bin Salman has championed action against Riyadh's regional enemies. #GlobalThinkers 

Instead of handing out Russian sanctions, the office ceased to exist.

The editors of Foreign Policy have never endorsed a candidate for political office -- until now.…

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EXCLUSIVE: Here's the fire in back of about to-be-closed DC Russia trade rep building. @janawinter  on the scene.

"I was sent to a camp at just five years old — but even then, they didn't separate children from families" - recalls his experience in 1941 and compares it with current White House policy.

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FBI and DHS warned of growing threats from white supremacists months ago.

India has claimed it shot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet in February. But a new U.S. count of F-16s suggests New Delhi had it wrong. An exclusive report from