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In the last several decades, Egyptian citizens have built upon many evolutions of resistance, punctuated by Mubarak's downfall. “On its soil, I will die. History will judge me like it did others,” Mubarak said in a speech 10 days before his ouster in 2011.

The policy response to the coronavirus doesn’t have to be this polarizing, Melissa Chan and Ethan Guillén write.

As North Korea isolates itself from China to prevent a coronavirus outbreak, the United States should use this situation to drive a wedge between Pyongyang and Beijing, Nathan Park writes.

If the Trump administration's goal is to shrink the trade deficit, his policies don’t show it, FP’s Keith Johnson explains.

During President Trump's visit to India, New Delhi presented two contrasting cities: One set the scene for a glitzy meeting between two world leaders, while another showed Hindu mobs attacking protestors railing against a controversial citizenship law.

"When it comes to the politically fraught question of Middle East diplomacy, Sanders has shown a willingness to puncture political taboos," FP's @columlynch  writes.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo touts the importance of recruiting a diverse pool of talent that extends beyond white men. But the reality is that the State Department is falling short, FP's @RobbieGramer  reports.

The media blindly supported the diversion into Iraq, "becoming what President George W. Bush’s former spokesman Scott McClellan called 'complicit enablers' in possibly the worst strategic misdirection in American history," FP's @michaelphirsh  writes.

Every new innovation introduced to combat the virus reminds Chinese citizens just how invasive and controlling Xi Jinping's reign has become.


Beijing’s attempt to force through a controversial extradition law in Hong Kong led to mass protests that consumed the country’s—and the world’s—attention in 2019.

EXCLUSIVE: President Donald Trump pressed senior aides last June to devise and carry out a campaign to discredit senior FBI officials after learning that those specific officials were likely to be witnesses against him.

For better or worse, Mohammed Bin Salman has championed action against Riyadh's regional enemies. #GlobalThinkers 

Instead of handing out Russian sanctions, the office ceased to exist.

The editors of Foreign Policy have never endorsed a candidate for political office -- until now.…

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EXCLUSIVE: Here's the fire in back of about to-be-closed DC Russia trade rep building. @janawinter  on the scene.

"I was sent to a camp at just five years old — but even then, they didn't separate children from families" - recalls his experience in 1941 and compares it with current White House policy.

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FBI and DHS warned of growing threats from white supremacists months ago.