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Latest Scoops

Abe has witnessed how easily negotiations with North Korea can strain alliance ties. https://t.co/JCsfjxQMeW
George Clooney on the problems with peacemaking efforts in Africa. https://t.co/vHkD6ke5Iw
Putin rose to power by drawing on Russians’ deep envy of the West, their sense of betrayal over a promised prosperity that never materialized, and their growing nostalgia for the Soviet superpower past. https://t.co/sgBExM0RJP
Instead of getting dragged into yet more fighting in Syria, Washington should be opposing Russia by pursuing a policy of dual containment toward the latter’s Middle Eastern allies, Damascus and Tehran. https://t.co/r3kimKBBn0
Is the world really facing a water crisis? The answer is yes—but not in the way most people think. https://t.co/9i5PMMDHPM
Today in history, 1970: The first Earth Day. https://t.co/fe0qSgvcJH
Will MBS turn out to be more like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, or King Henry VIII? https://t.co/gYTH9iqlmt
Relative to other authoritarians, Putin has remarkable latitude to select his preferred heir. https://t.co/DxHKmX0uvO
Most U.S. officials claim that successful talks with the Taliban are unlikely, but in truth, Washington has never tried backing a serious peace process with the full weight of its military, intelligence, and economic resources. https://t.co/02YfEMqu0z
Chinese and American leaders can and should jointly manage disengagement rather than pull apart haphazardly. https://t.co/HT4cmJnrEv
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