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Despite the near-continuous drama of the last 12 months, Trump’s first year in office has confirmed much of what we know about how leaders affect foreign policy. https://t.co/oZwc6aKMg0
In Congo, government ministries function as ATMs for the politically deserving. https://t.co/CIDi4XvzCi
Foreign Affairs is on the road and hosting Transatlantic Relations in the Trump Era in Paris with @InstitutIRIS on February 6. Visit https://t.co/KRNTD63cHZ to learn more about the event. #FAtour
Europe holds the key to keeping the Iran deal together. https://t.co/IC8ZYZ7eFj
Today in history, 1915: Japan presents its 21 demands to China in a bid for regional domination. https://t.co/uTOgLTMpvX
Washington should tread carefully in publicly espousing messages that are tailor made for exploitation by extremists. https://t.co/JEKOnArjcg
What does it mean for the United States to elect a leader with no experience in government, little knowledge of foreign policy, and an explicit disdain for expertise? https://t.co/YZsmKzkLBE
Afghanistan is in such a bad way that there is much on which Russia and the United States could cooperate. https://t.co/VObploQ83h
When elites fail to give reasonable cues about who the “other” is, people decide for themselves. https://t.co/2FiH6BV59k
The Taliban is a different organization today than it was in the 1990s, when it ruled Afghanistan. https://t.co/pcla1TdBFd
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