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#Russia is modernizing its nuclear arsenal, but not its basic strategy, writes @OlyaOliker.
Even if the worst-case scenarios have not materialized, writes @NinaTannenwald, there have been enough near misses to demonstrate that, given the failure of disarmament, the risks of nuclear conflict remain.
#China and #Russia have developed military forces ideally suited to fight and defeat the United States in a future war, writes @ElbridgeColby, and modern, mobile nuclear capabilities are a key part of their strategies.
Nuclear weapons have proved useless militarily, writes John Mueller; their primary use has rather been to stoke the national ego or to posture against real or imagined threats.
.@m_orenstein and @peterkreko write that Slovakia’s response to a nationalist Russian biker gang demonstrates that a NATO country can be too divided to effectively resist the establishment of a Russian paramilitary base within its territory.
Mohammed bin Salman wields wide-ranging powers at the top of the Saudi decision-making process. As investigation into the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi continues, read F. Gregory Gause III's piece on the crown prince’s governance strategies:
The CSU’s poor showing in Bavaria’s regional election on Sunday suggests the strategy of outflanking the far right by adopting its language and policy solutions does not pay off, writes @GeorgDiez1.
Unlike U.S. adversaries in countries like Iraq or Serbia, writes @ProfTalmadge, China not only has nuclear weapons; it has also intermingled them with its conventional military forces, making it difficult to attack one without attacking the other.
“The bottom line is that if the United States wants to sustain its alliance architecture in Europe and Asia, it must adapt its strategy to face an opponent prepared to escalate with nuclear weapons.”
Rather than moving toward disarmament, writes @NinaTannenwald, all the nuclear-armed states are devoting vast resources to upgrading their arsenals.
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