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Autocrats are often deeply corrupt, but it is a mistake to dismiss all authoritarian efforts to clean up government as little more than political theater. https://t.co/EA0himtrab
Whatever progress the United States has made after 16 years in Afghanistan, the work is not yet complete. https://t.co/LDSXL8vTQu
Open-minded engagement with the ICC helps the United States preserve the ICC as a valuable ally in its counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan and elsewhere. https://t.co/YkYxJThoh1
Japan and India’s friendship is strengthening their ties with the United States as well. https://t.co/mV9s3ouooQ
The challenge posed by authoritarian sharp power requires a multidimensional response. https://t.co/8w2DyMrCN1
The ZNA putsch is a symptom of generational pressures that have been straining Zimbabwe’s political order for years. https://t.co/VFye2y6jgH
Reining in Poklonskaya would mean questioning the country’s ideological direction, which Putin is not prepared to do. https://t.co/17O9VKNjzq
The coming weeks and months will show whether the purge was really a one-off power grab or the beginning of a serious attempt to take on systemic corruption. https://t.co/rdsrwraFIj
Stuck with doing more of the same, Washington must try to do it better. https://t.co/0vas9twli4
The ICC is not going away. The United States can no longer afford to ignore it. https://t.co/9MQCHEsruK
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