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@McFaul: There is no equivalency whatsoever between Russian government operatives violating U.S. sovereignty during a presidential election and the completely invented Russian allegations against Browder and U.S. officials who supposedly helped him. https://t.co/mNkhP2uA8F
Marx predicted that capitalism’s internal logic would over time lead to rising inequality, chronic unemployment and underemployment, stagnant wages, the dominance of large, powerful firms, and the creation of an entrenched elite. https://t.co/vE94QaM1Yz
As great powers compete for influence across the globe, Europe, like the Middle East or Latin America, will become another battleground. https://t.co/l9j8giufjU
Washington has not always been indifferent to the fate of democracy. https://t.co/o78lLW3zqB
Japan should shift toward a strategy of “active denial”—one focused not on fighting pitched battles at the outset but on maintaining a force that can survive an initial assault and continue to harass and resist enemy forces. https://t.co/vvhOFZ7KV7
Never in previous summits with Kremlin leaders has an American president looked so weak, writes @McFaul. https://t.co/3JECIxBYdy
China and Russia’s influence campaigns require a U.S. response—for reasons not of Wilsonian idealism but of hard-nosed realism. https://t.co/lk2Bvho7Md
If governments start to see digital authoritarianism as a viable alternative to liberal democracy, they will feel no pressure to liberalize. https://t.co/UWd6zLYnNa
No matter the sensational headlines in the summit’s immediate aftermath, a quiet yet substantive diplomatic process has the potential to yield real, and welcome, results. https://t.co/kJfu2GAbXP
On this day in 1925, Hitler's Mein Kampf is published. https://t.co/YePITuY4Ku
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