(((Harry Enten)))

(((Harry Enten)))

Son of a man who was far from perfect, but I loved him anyway. Party ID does not equal Party Registration. #RenegadeJew

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The fact that there are supposedly serious people who still can't admit that Biden won legitimately and that the election wasn't stolen is sad.

This Bills team gave me and a lot other folks a lot of joy during a difficult time. This didn't end the way I wished. But it's the most joy I had as a Bills fan since I really knew what football was. This team is not done. We'll be back :).

I'm consistently amazed (not really) when people who speak for a vocal minority opinion claim to be speaking for a silent majority opinion.

"The Covid-19 news is bad, but there's room for optimism" For example, we're hitting new highs in vaccines given out with many more on the way.

QAnon is scary, but the actual % of QAnon believers is below 10%. For comparison, it's less than the % who falsely think we faked the moon landing. (The % who falsely think Obama was born outside the U.S. was also higher at 10%-20%)

@ForecasterEnten  It's also quite clear to me from folks I speak to in every day conversation that much of this optimistic news hasn't really reached them. Again, IDK what normal is (cc @mattyglesias  and others), but folks I don't think realize what we're close to.

A $15 minimum wage passed in Florida with 61% of the vote in 2020. Biden got just 48% of the vote in the same Florida election.

I have a family member who is 65+ and lives in Northern Alabama. Can't get her an appointment right now there. If she lived in NYC, she'd have an appointment by Monday.

This AM's twitter discourse lines up very well with what the polling on the minimum wage has generally shown. A $15 minimum wage is quite popular and does well with a lot of groups Dems have struggled with.


Biden's closer in Alaska than Trump is in Pennsylvania.

"Voter fraud" is too quickly becoming a synonym for "result I don't like".

Voter fraud isn't the same thing as election fraud. What seems to have occurred in NC-9 was election fraud. The difference is key. In one, it is voters perpetrating the fraud. In the other, the fraud is being perpetrated upon the voters.

Biden has been running for president for 501 days by count... He's been ahead of Trump for each of those 501 days. No challenger has ever led for that long.

Joe Biden's polling better than any challenger since 1936.

Biden right now is ahead or down by a point in states containing over 400 electoral votes. He's also up 10 pts in national polls. If that was the result (& the piece points out why it may not be), it would be the largest win for a Dem since LBJ in 64.

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Medicaid expansion is winning in early returns in Maine, and it's not close.