Here are 8 things nobody told you about Apple iPhone 13:

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Sponsored: Air pollution is on a par with other major global health risks such as unhealthy diet and tobacco smoking

A 're-enactment' of drills by the B Specials at an event to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland has been described as 'offensive' and 'just wrong'

Call for more local supports for one-parent families amid a 'tsunami' in breakups.

The claim comes after a man was shot in Blackpool last night.

Please don’t say “dark”. Please don’t say “dark”. Please don’t say “dark”. Aaaaaaa…

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Fr Pat Browne was due to officiate at wedding of murdered UK MP’s daughter this year

Sponsored: "For me it comes down to the small changes we make in our day-to-day life ... taking small steps in the right direction keeps the positive changes manageable”

Just read a glaring error in a non-fiction book that is still under embargo. Causing me actual physical pain not being able to Tweet about it.

Miss our exclusive LIVE Coldplay gig?! 🎶 Fear not! You can catch up here, completely commercial free ⬇️

Several #Walgreens  stores in #California  are closing because they're losing money and products to #shoplifters . @TheLeoTerrell  says the state's government is even accusing businesses who report the crimes of racial profiling! #VarneyCo