Enhypen / Beyoncé / Lisa Blue Ivy Carter / Hits Moves Songs Chart

BTS, Enhypen, Beyoncé, Lisa And Blue Ivy Carter: Hits Making Moves On The World Songs Chart

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Enhypen / Beyoncé / Lisa Blue Ivy Carter / Hits Moves Songs Chart

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Pick up your copy of the Irish garden birds poster with Tuesday's Irish Times. Produced in partnership with @BirdWatchIE , and beautifully illustrated by Mike Langman, with expert notes by Niall Hatch, the double-sided poster appears in both English and Irish languages.

"It's more likely to be around August at the earliest before we say to people it's OK to engage in non-essential travel."

State must invest further on cyber security protections - multinational sector

Husband and wife are sentenced for thefts from two elderly women

Tánaiste says mandatory hotel quarantine will be with us in some form ‘for some time’

We have a preponderance of evidence that Medicaid expansion is good for state budgets, for people's finances, and for their well-being. And yet, 11 years after the ACA passed, we still have 12 holdouts. It's hard to believe it'll just "happen" some day:

PRESIDENT'S FINANCES: Jen Psaki was asked about President Biden's tax returns and the recent discovery of his private Venmo account during today's White House press briefing

Abbott ends federal unemployment assistance early in Texas

Maybe next time the Press can ask some actual tough questions instead of just taking this sicko’s word and heaping praise on him. But, thankfully after this, there won’t be a next time for Bill- Block out the Sun- Gates.

I thought I'd share some of the msgs my brother-in-law in Gaza has sent my wife and I over the last few days. Putting aside the geopolitics, I hope it demonstrates the human cost of the tragedy. Full video posted to FB as it's too long for twitter.