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Melinda Gates

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What an amazing #FatherTed  story! IE 🐴🙏🏻 "Wouldn't it be amazing if Dougal@ardalsfolly ) could play My Lovely Horse with me to the [Slane] crowd. So, I did one of the most indulgent rock stars things I've ever done & sent a helicopter to pick him up!" @thelittleidiot  @FERGDARCY 

It will be the first time adoptees will have a blanket guarantee for access to their early life documents.

"I cannot help but feel for the mothers involved," Ciara reflects on the new adoption legislation and what it could mean for those affected. @BreakfastNT 

The report found that younger people were experiencing wage stagnation, and that their situation was exacerbated by the high cost of rent. Has this generation been failed with lower starting salaries and increasing house prices⁉️ @cooper_m  @lstwrd 

Concerns have been raised about software that allows employers to monitor the number of mouse clicks or keystrokes made by staff working from home. #PatKenny  @PatKennyNT 

Move over Tourism Ireland.. Bernard O'Shea has some big ideas! 👀😂 ''Louth, it's Croatia off the M1'' @DermotTodayFM  @DaveTodayFM 

The latest data on COVID-19 outbreaks show an increase in the number of clusters associated with schools.

Rachel Dandy, who has been suffering from long COVID since last year, says the person she's become 'could not step into her life'. @PatKennyNT 

Hospitals are now being contacted to make sure they're letting loved ones into the 20-week scan at a minimum.

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