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Johnson & Johnson initiated a recall on Friday of its baby powder after samples tested from a bottle found it contained trace levels of asbestos

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Johnson / Friday

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Maybe it’s not the campaign manager... just saying. 🤔 Kamala Harris, polling at 3 percent, hearing calls for campaign manager's resignation

Another Baylor TD and the Bears make it 21-3 against Oklahoma early in the 2nd.

Raptors struggle to get the ball in the basket in third quarter, now down 1 in Dallas

Let's be happy, let's be sad, let's smile let's laugh and cry, you can wear me out I will never get tired of you as long as we do it together. Song via RT BerryYNWA

The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK

"He let himself down, he's let the group down." Australia cricket captain Tim Paine told Grandstand bowler James Pattinson will miss the first Test with Pakistan over a slur against an opposition player in a Sheffield Shield clash between VIC & Qld. #Cricket  #TestCricket 

This library in China has over a million books spanning over five floors

"If the United States ever experiences [an attempt at a coup to overthrow the Government] it will come from the C.I.A. and not the Pentagon." The agency "represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone." NYT, October 3, 1963, pg 34:

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital is getting a new building for its researchers from UCSF.