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PSG when they got Manchester United in the Champions League but then realise Mourinho got sacked. https://t.co/RnIc5ZjvFw
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Jose Mourinho is the real winner here:

£24 million payout ✅
Real Madrid interested in bringing him back ✅
No more Pogba ✅
Sacked before Smalling and Jones faced Neymar and Mbappe ✅
Christmas break ✅
Mourinho has been sacked from his last THREE jobs consecutively after being handed a humiliation by Jurgen Klopp 😂😂😂
Pogba, Martial and Baily right now https://t.co/bcslpuGHay
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Pogba when Mourinho approaches him to say goodbye. https://t.co/VgqgaGvMIf
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BREAKING NEWS: Man United have announced their new manager.
On October 7th, Gourav Mukhi became the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Indian League at just 16 years old.

He's actually 28 and two months later he's suspended for 6 months for lying about his age 😂😂😂
Man Utd Feb/March fixtures:

Tuesday 12th Feb - PSG (H)
Saturday 23rd Feb - Liverpool (H)
Tuesday 5th March - PSG (A)
Saturday 9th March - Arsenal (A)
Saturday 16th March - Man City (H)
Bayern Munich when they get an English team in the Champions League but then realise it’s not Arsenal https://t.co/RnIc5ZjvFw
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When you realise Chris Smalling and Eric Bailly will face Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani...😂😂
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