Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson

International President of AFA-CWA, Proud Flight Attendant and Passionate Union Activist since 1996.

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Private Equity bought up & squeezed out every drop of profit from nursing homes - total contempt for our elders, those who spent their lives working for us. Our most vulnerable to #COVID19  stuck in the worst conditions b/c of Wall Street greed. @nytimes 

This is not news, but it again highlights why it was so critical to get Fed $ to keep aviation workers in our jobs, getting a paycheck, & healthcare. TY to @RepPeterDeFazio  for putting #WorkersFirst  & to @RepJayapal  for fighting to get this for all workers

There is still no plan for commercial aviation. Airlines have begun to implement COVID-19 safety measures but it won’t be enough for confidence in air travel. Must include the aircraft, the airports, mass transit, cabs, & more. We need a federal plan of action w/ all stakeholders

@JStein_Vox  I completely disagree. That’s only if you think in terms of the artificial “pay go” barrier. You can do big, necessary programs that stimulate the economy if you remove the $ stranglehold on our democracy. Build an inclusive economy that promotes civic engagement & social equity.

Union leaders representing 17 million workers sent this letter to @NancyPelosi  and @senatemajldrarlier  this month. Our U.S. Postal Service needs immediate relief, and these essential workers need our support. #SaveUSPST  & Take action now:

“This was a 100 percent peaceful march and the police fired rubber bullets and tear gas.” @AliVelshi  “There was zero warning. They lined up on the street and started firing.”

AYFKM? Over 40 M jobs lost (reality much higher). UI timing out. Millions losing healthcare, in a pandemic. Rage in our streets over massive inequality & murderous racism baked into a system that cries ‘deficit’ when we need to help starved communities. It’s our $! No time 4 BS!