Ionospheric Connection Explorer / Atlantic / Wednesday

NASA's Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) satellite is prepared to be air launched over the Atlantic late Wednesday evening.

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Ionospheric Connection Explorer / Atlantic / Wednesday

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@LawProfButler : "It's like Trump was an old school mafia don. So the stakes are very high...this is about the national security of the US, and the question is whether the president should be allowed to remain in office when he sold out US interests for his own political favors."

Referring to the whistleblower, Rep. Jim Jordan says Congress will never get a chance to question the one "who started it all." "I'd be glad to have the person who started it all to come in and testify," Rep. Welch replies. "Pres. Trump is welcome to take a seat right there."

With all due respect, it’s odd Jordan and GOP keep harping on whistleblower when his/her allegations have been corroborated by the two men sitting in front of them - and the the other witnesses to come.

???: This is wild. As many have pointed out, the first letter in each of the top 23 tweets on @RepGosar 's account spell "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself."

My report from the hearing room: Republicans spent the first day of impeachment hearings in an alternate reality. (Please read, RT, and share.) via @MotherJones 

There’s something happening in Israel right now. Volume up.

Zelensky’s plan to appear on CNN is strong evidence that they were going along reluctantly and under pressure with the quid pro quo. Whistleblower saved him from having to do it.

Listening to the passion from this prosecutor giving the closing argument at RogerStone’s trial makes me feel like this moment is about more than Stone. Too bad this isn’t public. It’s really the only moment for these guys to argue publicly what Mueller was investigating.

"Some of my colleagues made the statement repeatedly that I've met with the whistleblower, that I know who the whistleblower is. It was false the 1st time they said it. It was false the 2nd thru 40th time they said it. It will be false the last time they say it."-Rep. Adam Schiff

@NicolleDWallace  : “If you look at what the Democrats have set out to do, and you look at why this has swung public opinion in a way that the Mueller probe never did ... they have laid brick on top of brick on top of brick, and none of those bricks are out of line.”