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  3. thank you miami. ✊🏾⚡️
Thank you Miami. ✊🏾⚡️
Thank you Miami. ✊🏾⚡️


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Which TV presenter turned 51 this week? #WhoTweetedIt

“It’s my birthday 🤩 51 and not ashamed to say I feel FAF. It’s ☀️ sunnyyy! 🙏 I feel so very grateful for my family my friends and my health. thank you for following me & inspiring me, making me think & making me giggle 💖”
Thank you for an amazing season @astros. You will always be our champions! #NeverSettle #Astros #HTownRush
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FRI-YAY BLITZ! A big welcome to the @rrhsknights who are rockin' the house! Thank you for joining us in the @WFLA studio for #FridayMorningBlitz! @WFLALilaLhttps://t.co/Zmo2rlPFkqila

Thank you, #36ersFamily!
That moment when you’re reading the most fantastic, timely, brilliantly analytical, wholly energising book written by one of your heroes and you realise YOU ARE IN THE FOOTNOTES. @rtraister you are phenomenal. Thank you for writing this. #GoodAndMad
Thank you so much to our junior supporter Megan who sent us this awesome art ahead of this weekend’s trip to Limerick!

We’re passing it on to the team! 👋🏽
Thank you for an amazing season @astros. You will always be our champions! #NeverSettle #Astros #HTownRush
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This week our Instagram account reached 10,000 followers, we'd like thank all our active followers for all your support!

We also have a competition coming up on Monday over on our Instagram account so make sure you're following us: https://t.co/ySBVvhNnMI ✈️🇵🇹
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