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@mspears96  addresses the optics of Jay-Z sitting with Roger Goodell that some people had issues with.

The end of the show was really out of pocket today @stephenasmith  @mspears96  @MollyQerim  😂

@mspears96  is about to lose his voice trying to teach @stephenasmith  "a little football." 😂

More intriguing QB: Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson?

"I think this team is better with LeBron at the 4." @Foxworth24  is devastated to see DeMarcus Cousins injured, but says the Lakers may be better off

"Wasn't that the goal that Colin Kaepernick had?" — @stephenasmith  has thoughts on Jay-Z's social justice partnership with the NFL

@stephenasmith  ain't here for @maxkellerman  hyping up the Browns before the season even starts.

Should Eagle fans have doubts about letting Foles go?


"Everybody's fake acting like they care about KD's best interest when they don't. It's phony to me." @JalenRose 

@KyrieIrving  on why he didn't inform LeBron James that he wanted out of Cleveland.

This morning Stephen A. Smith's mother, Janet Smith, passed away. Here is his tribute to her:

"For him not to far as I'm concerned, everything he said meant absolutely nothing!" - on Colin Kaepernick

"Whoever’s paying him to say all this stuff, I will pay you double to stop it” @SHAQ  is not here for @TheRyanHollins  saying the Warriors would beat MJ's Bulls

@magicjohnson  explains in full the reason why he stepped down as the Lakers president.

@anthonyfjoshua  is ready for Deontay Wilder and has even penciled in a date for the fight 👀

All along, LaVar says he wanted Lonzo on the Pelicans.

This conversation was... heated.