Fiona Hyslop

Fiona Hyslop

Cabinet Secretary for Culture,Tourism and External Affairs in the Scottish Government and SNP MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency in the Scottish Parliament

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Planning for the future as Scotland's manufacturing industry given post-Covid boost from Scottish Government as worker prepare for return

@strathearnrose  @HouseofCommonsDoesn’t seem like 25 years — you are a 🌟 thank you so much Roseanna for shining a way forward for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@StephenGethins  @Historic_Allyyou  will be interested that the Nordic Council met in session in Edinburgh last year, I was delighted to meet them and I also launched Scotland’s Arctic Policy Framework and regularly engaged with our friends from the north in my previous role as External Affairs Secretary

Student son is now torturing us from a distance with pictures of his Daim bar cheesecake

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Today I provided a statement on Economic Recovery announcing 📌guidance for safe work places for manufacturing + retail 📌a joint statement with HSE, local authorities,Police on advice + compliance issues 📌 expansion of grants available from councils


Democracy and civil rights should be respected in all countries - my statement on Catalonia

Delighted to announce £1m for the Waverley from the Scottish Government to get the world’s last sea going paddle steamer sailing again for Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters in 2020

US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council deeply disturbing, US Gov separating children from their parents horrifying in its inhumanity - history tells us how quickly societies can sink to the unthinkable - US desperately needs political leadership to challenge this

@severincarrell @BBCPolitics  the @simon_telegraph  story 100% wrong -I know as I was in the meeting.Fiction should not run as news unchecked.

We need the UK to have temporary wage support for employees to help household income + to help companies stay in business and support for self-employed and freelancers. I’ve impressed the need for urgent action on this in calls this week with UK Gov Ministers. May hear today.

Watching #bbcqt  -whatever your political views what a difference in approach and connection- @NicolaSturgeon  reaches into the audience, respects, engages and answers in straightforward way and secures interest + involvement from audience singularly absent from Corbyn and Swinson

This is a dreadful decision with major ramifications for people and peace - UK must follow German lead to increase support and US called on to rethink this

Film studio with 5 sound stages, production offices and workshops announced - Connery-led company to run film studio in Leith