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“You are obviously here to block any reasonable inquiry into the truth or not of this administration,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee tells Corey Lewandowski

The government of the United States has just announced a lawsuit over my memoir, which was just released today worldwide. This is the book the government does not want you to read: (link corrected)

The world will be a lesser place without my darling friend, Cokie Roberts, who died early this morning. I said good-bye last night. Told her I'd see her on the other side some day, where I know she will still be a star.

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Rep. Omar: "I think we need to make sure that the American people understand that this admin. that lies about weather maps or crowd sizes cannot be trusted to give us the full information we need to be able to make a decision whether we should be going to war or not with Iran."

Rep. Jerry Nadler at Corey Lewandowski hearing: "I think we should call this what it is -- an absolute coverup by the White House."

36 years ago today, Vanessa Williams became the first Black woman to be named Miss America. The competition originally banned women of color and did not feature a Black contestant for almost 50 years.

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It is hard to think of a greater stamp of authenticity than the US government filing a lawsuit claiming your book is so truthful that it was literally against the law to write.

What has the House Judiciary hearing discovered so far? That the @Patriots  are Lewandowski's favorite team and that @TomBrady  is "a winner"

Statement by the American Civil Liberties Union on the government's lawsuit against myself and the publishers:

Explosion at Russian centre 'housing deadly viruses'