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Opinion | How did a state that did not have updated records of its agri-workers identify & transfer money to about 2 million beneficiaries?

Can the Central government draw some learnings from #Odisha?
Opinion | #Meghalaya Governor #TathagataRoy violated constitutional principles—and thereby diminished the constitutional office he holds.

Letting Roy continue as Governor erodes faith in the Constitution and its authority.
A government official said UP’s success in eliminating the GST deficit was also due to efficient enforcement measures, especially in rolling out the e-way bill system.
The troubles at #JetAirways, which is saddled with a billion dollars in debt, have rekindled memories of Kingfisher Airlines’ collapse in 2012 that forced lessors to write off millions of dollars.
Sources told FE that four members of the seven-member committee have rejected Trai’s proposal to levy penalty, while three have endorsed the penal measure.
#EPFO has decided to provide 8.65% interest on EPF deposits for 2018-19 against 8.55% in the last year to its six crore subscribers
Women in India are less likely than men to own a mobile phone.

In mobile internet usage, the gap is much wider.
Are you aware of the ATM charges you incur at metro and non-metro banks?

Something as simple as knowing your account balance at another bank ATM may cost you Rs 20 plus taxes per transaction:

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Inspired by 's "", a 13-yea#Padmanr-old Dubai-based girl has adopted 250 girls from rural Maharashtra and donated sanitary napkins to them!
One who can not take care of home, can not manage country: Nitin Gadkari
#LeonardoDiCaprio meets with #DonaldTrump, meeting focuses on renewable, clean energy could create millions of jobs
Relief for unreserved #IndianRailways passengers! Over 1,000 swanky #DeenDayalu coaches coming for common man @RailMinIndia @PiyushGoyal
Opinion by @TVMohandasPai & @baidtothebone | Every vehicle that is purchased in India creates jobs. Transport sector alone contributed almost 3.4 million jobs in FY17-18, with additional 2.8 million jobs created in 9 months ended Dec 31, 2018

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PM Narendra Modi taking a jibe at #BhagwantMann in Parliament shows that #AAP is fast emerging as a threat to BJP
#Sarkar is #Vijay’s sixth film to enter the Rs 100-crore club and the fastest Tamil movie to achieve the feat
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