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Mexico's new president has persuaded Donald Trump to sign on to a development plan in Central America — a bid to halt migration that could signal billions of dollars in public and private investment. https://t.co/FWQTcU84LL
Zimbabwe’s security forces have officially been blamed for causing post-election deaths last August —violence that marred president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bid to gain international legitimacy for his rule. https://t.co/CtaTUfnRhd
Citigroup could lose as much as $180m because of an Asian hedge fund's ill-fated currencies trade — and the potential losses came with a warning that the bank wouldn't meet key financial targets this year because of market conditions. https://t.co/7wX24Sy6pv
Ukraine secures $3.9bn loan from IMF https://t.co/tOn1n28Vsz
What are pension superfunds? How do they work? And why are they so controversial? Well, we have the answers for you. https://t.co/pEdLD5905f
The UK government has unveiled proposals to stop a growing crisis in pension saving among the self-employed.

But its measures were described as 'profoundly disappointing' by a former minister.
FedEx has slashed its full-year outlook, sending shares down more than 5% in after-hours trade — warning that the 'deceleration in global trade' has played a part in negatively impacting results. https://t.co/lyMm9jfvkU
The US has remained at an impasse over a potential government shutdown on Tuesday — with Democrats refusing to back a bill that would give Donald Trump $1bn in unspent funds for his border wall. https://t.co/p7SuQyt0Pq
Canadian regulators have fined Glencore chief executive Ivan Glasenberg after the company’s subsidiary in the Congo was found to have issued misleading financial statements https://t.co/QbD9LJz0SR
Barclays has been fined $15m by US regulators over chief executive Jes Staley and other top managers’ actions during their attempts to discover the identity of a whistleblower in the summer of 2016. https://t.co/9SQ32qLVQ8
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