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The 1959 Antarctic Treaty System — which set aside territorial claims and kept order for almost six decades — is under pressure. Growing economic interests in natural resources, research and tourism are making it harder for signatories to reach consensus: https://t.co/EwXBlAsZLn
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The UK is saying it won't collaborate with the EU on defence after Brexit if it doesn't have unrestricted access to the EU’s Galileo satellite navigation system https://t.co/2zN13RGdvA
Just in: Facebook says it won't compensate the tens of millions of users whose data were leaked to Cambridge Analytica https://t.co/BPKy0M2Qmo
US companies are more scared and less prepared than their European counterparts for the EU data privacy rules coming into force on Friday.

Here's more: https://t.co/POYZzQjjEZ
In Thursday's Brexit Briefing, Sir Ivan Rogers blasts Brexit supporters for their 'buccaneering blather' https://t.co/4u4EMrrmKO
Donald Trump is threatening new tariffs on car imports — and it's making carmakers nervous https://t.co/fBx6TtDgb4
5,000 members of the Windrush generation may have suffered immigration problems, the UK's Home Office has revealed. https://t.co/x1OmAjoz7m
The push to legalise marijuana in New Jersey is being complicated by a split between governing Democrats and civil rights groups https://t.co/nT91GqKavz
John Gapper: The people battling over CBS are acting like entitled baby boomers https://t.co/N5BYZHQ69u
The Uber self-driving car that killed a pedestrian in the US did not recognise it needed to brake until about a second before impact, an investigation has found https://t.co/S6SVbzU7jh
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