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Latest Scoops

'As of May 2018, nearly 300 high-level US executives had been fired due to sexual improprieties. That’s extraordinary, not just because it happened, but because we know it happened' https://t.co/JxEF6w7aLT
Taiwanese protesters step up calls for independence https://t.co/T15icide5n
London marchers call for new Brexit vote https://t.co/zgWw2CJoGs
'Half of Brazil's WhatsApp users use it for news. But a lot of the "news" their friends send them is fake' | Simon Kuper https://t.co/wgDVk4LSsb
Martha Nussbaum, moral philosopher: 'The humanities are under siege. We need to fight for them' https://t.co/2lkhynbqjO
'Profit-rich American corporations have chosen to pay higher dividends and buy back shares instead of investing for long-term growth' https://t.co/RNicJxnJRt
Expat Lives: 'For all their assumed bombast, New Yorkers are some of the most gregarious, charming and friendly people my wife and I have met' https://t.co/3vh1hfbAFY
Jamal Khashoggi, journalist who spoke truth to power, 1958-2018 https://t.co/2Y4UqHahin
Is the UK construction industry having its ‘uber moment’? https://t.co/WA5HLcg5hC
A difficult Man Booker winner has opened old wounds https://t.co/EiiyBuU2mJ
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