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Last night, President Trump hosted a reception for National African American History month: “We are here to honor the extraordinary contributions of African Americans to every aspect of American life, history, and culture...”
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Highly respected Senator Richard Burr, head of Senate Intelligence, said, after interviewing over 200 witnesses and studying over 2 million pages of documents, “WE HAVE FOUND NO COLLUSION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND RUSSIA.” The Witch Hunt, so bad for our Country, must end!
Did I mention that Alex Acosta is now a Trump cabinet official? Right now? Still?
Senator John Cornyn has done an outstanding job for the people of Texas. He is strong on Crime, the Border, the Second Amendment and loves our Military and Vets. John has my complete and total endorsement. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
It’s up to all of us as citizens to make sure that the rules of democracy are fair—everywhere—because the next decade of our nation's progress is on the line. Join me and @OFA in the fight against gerrymandering: .
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One of the most egregious cases of GOP election fraud in recent memory was just verified in North Carolina.

But @realDonaldTrump, who’s spent years spewing lies about voter fraud, is suddenly silent?

We will not rest until we stop & reverse the GOP’s anti-voting rights crusade.
Readers of the print edition of the Washington Post found not a word this morning about the charges brought last night against Jessie Smollett. The news broke about 8 p.m. Because democracy dies in darkness.
One of the ugly facts laid bare in the Epstein plea deal is that many powerful people feel zero shame helping a billionaire who has molested girls as young as 14. Zero consequences. Crimes against kids happen not only because of the criminals but their support networks.
JUST IN: Judge rules federal prosecutors broke law by offering Jeffrey Epstein plea deal in sex trafficking case
A new report from the @TXCivilRights Project has found shocking proof that the Trump administration lied about ending its inhumane policy of separating families at the border.

Hundreds more separations have occurred. This is outrageous.
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