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NOT evaporated milk. Condensed or go home

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Roy Jones was P4P No. 1 for about 10 years straight, from his 1994 rout of prime James Toney until 2004 (after he'd cut 20 pounds of muscle and dropped from heavyweight back to light heavyweight). #boxing 

@jordin_canada  with the STEAL and FINISH 🔥

Amed Rosario had a little help before his first appearance in the outfield ❤️ (via @kailyn1126 )

Bella Fam takin’ over @FamilyFeud with @IAmSteveHarvey  against the MMA Family tonight! Right now on @ABC !! ❤️N #BellaFam  #BellaArmy  #familyfeud 

For BPL families too, Hooda said: “Housewives in BPL families shall be given Rs 2,000 per month. Electricity upto 300 units shall be given free to BPL families and they will get wheat and rice at Rs 2 per kg each.”

Best #NASCARThrowback  scheme at @TooToughToTame ? 🏆 There's no competition at all! 🤩 The polls are open for the 2019 Best in Show award. Voting ends August 30. Which 🎨 is catching your eye, fans? Place your ballot! 👉 👈

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please keep the big d’oh @WWERomanReigns  in your thoughts. he recently had a bunch of bad stuff ALMOST happen to him. he wasnt blindsided by a jealous hbk, Maryse’s husband or viciously speared repeatedly, by that deranged human ring post-goldberg, but he’s THE guy #prayers  #yolo 

No. 16 picks up 1️⃣6️⃣ @DangeRussWilson  to @TDLockett12  for the first down! 📺: #SEAvsMIN  on FOX Watch on mobile:

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