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Latest Scoops

Hey how did you sleep last night? I dreamt a man with animal paws with sharp razor claws performed cunnilingus on me after shaving my legs
I want to share a tip with you for if you have worrier or moaner relatives who go on and on and on and nothing you say seems to land
My parents. Aka my mother and a tortoise
Guys, a request from a lovely friend - where is best place to start looking for new wellbeing talks studio/event venue hire in London?
No more uber from 30 September. Which is good news for my bank balance.
If ever there was a headline that proved as a sad indictment of our times https://t.co/ASBoCdhwhi
This is absolutely appalling and I was very upset. Dog lovers be warned. https://t.co/P2MfGTV2Id
OK i'm actually not out at all. My point is you can be in favour of abortion and also think it is a hard, difficult process.
We must speak for the voiceless! goes the battle cry, whilst shaming anyone who has had an abortion so they also feel unable to talk
Also this is worth a read by @WhoresofYore on when abortion wasn't legal in Britain https://t.co/A3cNArbthn
Right lovelies we're talking abt abortion again without speaking to any1 who's had one. Indulge my 'feminist dogma' https://t.co/WWBV6HMuur
Do you want to follow me on Facebook? I would like it if you did https://t.co/F39CRVQTGK
Jeremy Corbyn attached to a giant labia https://t.co/hmevVEbaOk
Ikea have dissociated themselves from the Farage toilet brush https://t.co/Rfun1ckn6c
Blind ‘fingering’ dates are London’s latest craze https://t.co/Qz7BLO32MR via @Dazed
Someone actually tried to slut shame @WhoresofYore https://t.co/U63kfO0lhP
Headline competition. Think we can do better. Answers here to me and @karlusss https://t.co/RsBdggvlRU
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