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Sunday nights can fill us with dread. Sometimes it helps to write down exactly what it is that we fear and what we want that would alleviate that 🙏 as a way of getting in touch with ourselves and also not be afraid of the feeling itself.

I just absolutely adore this verse from Edna St Vincent Millay about times when our hearts shut and the world gets small, and we retreat into our heads and then what happens in the opposite - our hearts open and the whole world expands

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I am genuinely concerned about the options for old people right now. Looking after my nan is insanely difficult even with a lot of support, mum being main carer and her not even being that ill

There are a lot of people who have it significantly worse than her/us, both practically and physically. It is also extremely difficult because cognitive and physical goes, and emotional can be really all over the place, AND your emotions are all over the place too, because love

One of my main goals on this website is to put as much good energy, honest/vulnerable shares or useful information out as possible. I may not always succeed but that’s the end game.

My friends dog is bigger than your dog

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Some pictures I took from around London this week

Just given myself a free pass not to force myself to do anything today via beating myself up or through telling myself off. I have a few more going spare, help yourself if you’d like one too.

Had to take a photo of this dog living his best life getting stroked (posted with permission)


Completely transfixed by this. What incredibly creative dramatic talent

Wow I’ve never heard of this but it’s incredible - an ice tsunami - when a sheet of ice hits land

Man tries to burn EU flag, can't burn it because of EU directive on flammable materials

Guys guys a woman in Glasgow gave a pigeon CPR. Watch how it gracefully flies away

A nativity scene without any Jews, Arabs, Africans, refugees or unwed mothers

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Please don't let Article 50 distract you from the unveiling of the most gloriously awful bust of Cristiano Ronaldo at Madrid airport

Dear Twitter - I would like to find this Scottish hero getting angry at a sheep and interview him. Please help.

Wendy Cope nails mansplaining - before Twitter is even invented #NationalPoetryDay 

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It takes a really special kind of internet person to have the Auschwitz Museum call you out on a tweet then say you still know better

'Be a stock model they said. Have a nice cup of chamomile tea, they said.'

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