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10 small luxuries that will upgrade women’s business trips in 2018 https://t.co/VqRbmF56Zm
Snap threatened leakers in an internal memo, so of course the memo was leaked https://t.co/xYIRspCiyD
Three reasons your presentation is literally putting people to sleep https://t.co/uZRdgHflHm
Amazon cancels two female-centric shows to find its “Game Of Thrones” https://t.co/832gdiVDmp
A dangerous fake news story about flu shots spread like a virus on Facebook https://t.co/GQQTBx3RLt
These decaying social media logos are the perfect metaphor for 2018 https://t.co/WRrLhtkyDQ
The Secret Story Behind The Starbucks Logo

After several iterations of the logo, one slight change brought us the image that millions of people see every day: https://t.co/YULpWph4oa
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Is hot yoga full of hot air? Study suggests little benefit to heat https://t.co/1M8l5qoHLM
How A Hostile Work Environment Shaped This Female Executive's Career

@SallieKrawcheck--cofounder and CEO of @Ellevest--shares what her first job on Wall Street taught her for when she became a business leader.
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“I don’t regret it at all”: Top Google execs on firing James Damore https://t.co/YO6v5ms9Br
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