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Latest Scoops

Facebook suspends firm founded by researcher behind its election study https://t.co/3xOiBddsJU
Daveed Diggs Uncut: Black Representation in Hollywood, “Blindspotting,” and “Hamilton” https://t.co/baP7pM1GVe
How a small worker-controlled farm collective could transform labor for decades https://t.co/WnljGiUfNq
Samsung continues its tired tradition of knocking Apple in TV ads https://t.co/52U5uRoQOu
Amiga, Warhol, Debbie Harry: The ultimate 1980s tech keynote https://t.co/t1Xt72B62C
This year, summer camps have a new trick that makes it easier to find kids on camp websites—facial recognition https://t.co/Dlq4IWcRmI
Corporations’ green promises are often undermined by their lobbying https://t.co/73yk9q1NTO
Three hacks to help your brain learn stuff faster https://t.co/JkB08DNrw2
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory in the aftermath of the 2016 election https://t.co/eMqMUuZaLv
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