Coming Through ? Seoul’s breakout designer, Bajowoo of 99percentis’s FW’18 collection featured fashion-forward, futuristic streetwear.

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The coronavirus is much worse than the flu, it’s made more dangerous by mistrust, disinformation, political division, and institutional incompetence. And, in the U.S. the buck will stop with Trump

"Believe me, I’ll stand in line to get into a club! I’ll pay for price for anything! I’ll do anything if it means I can have a little bit of life that’s just for me. Like, let me go to the grocery store once. You know?" @rihanna  talks #Fenty  and fame:

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Vogue editors share their memories of their earliest, and most hotly-coveted, fashion buys.

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This appears to be the first time Wall Street has likened Sanders to a deadly virus that's killed nearly 2000 people