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20/ If your policy capitulates that we will eventually have 20%-50% of the population infected - the same number of people will get sick, will die. Even a smoldering rolling outbreak with one to two thousand deaths a day- that we are somehow getting inured to- is a catastrophe

and apologies for the wrong link - it's Only one state is green

Adopting a pet Buying a bike Fermenting sourdough Making a will Planting a garden . . . Add to the list of all the things you thought you were so clever and unique in doing, and it turns out, so did everybody else

Great piece feat @dc_cavanaugh  on how policymakers can protect primary care: “we need to do something specific for primary care -- cut some of the red tape, make it easier for small practices, and support them so they're there when we need them.”

"We have to maintain the primary care first line of defense. When the CDC says if you're having symptoms, call your doctor, someone has to pick up the phone at the other end." Else we risk "a lack of choice, a lack of competition, and a lack of access"

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"all models are wrong. some are useful"

1/ Super thoughtful essay by my former boss @DrFrieden  I'm particularly struck by two of his "5 ways to prevent another 100,000 coronavirus deaths"

2/ We need to change the expectation so that we learn the death rates every week, in every community—deaths caused by the coronavirus and all deaths in places ranging from NYC to GA, public health leaders have had to resist pressure from political leaders to hide this key data

3/ there's a false dichotomy between save the economy vs protect public health. Yogi Berra asked, “If people don’t want to come to the ballpark, how are you going to stop them?” Unless people feel safer working, dining, or shopping, they won’t venture out for those activities.


1/ I'm very worried that we don't have a clear strategy for #COVID19  response We need to clearly define when the public health goal is containment-trying to keep the virus from circulating- and when the goal shifts to mitigation-working to reduce the peak impact of the outbreak

1/ This thread will be alarming, I'm sorry. The American Academy of Family Practice CEO is crying out about the financial crisis threatening frontline primary care practices, but no one seems to be listening I'll give you some news from those frontlines (and ask for your help)

6/ Trying to do containment when there is exponential community spread is like focusing on putting out sparks when the house is on fire. when that happens, we need to switch strategies to mitigation- taking protective measures to slow spread & reduce peak impact on healthcare

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New York City Emergency Room visits continued the downward trajectory through the weekend! I'm hoping we see a blunting of the hospitalization rate soon. We may have turned the corner on infections, though ICU admissions and deaths will not peak for 1-2 weeks.

1/ This is what has been worrying epidemiologists about #COVID19-  if asymptomatic/pre-symptomatic individuals are driving the outbreak, then coming out of lockdown will be exceedingly difficult here's what it might take

1/ Is the #COVID19  outbreak in the US going down? Are we ready to lift lockdown? How would an epidemiologist look at the data to help us understand these questions? Let me take you through the @CDCgov  COVIDView data released today, w some commentary.

5/ New cases are being identified every day that do not have a travel history or connection to a known case *and we know that these are just the tip of the iceberg* because of the delays in testing That means that in the next two weeks the number of diagnosed cases will explode

9/ I can't tell you how many people have asked me if they should travel to certain cities- we are left to our own devices to figure out where there is sustained community transmission. I can find no official webpage that updates this key status for the US. @CDCgov  must do better

4/ Here's the nub of my worry. We are treating the outbreak in the US as if we are in containment mode- case identification, contact tracing, quarantine and active monitoring of exposed individuals But I fear that in many locales there is already sustained community spread

I support patients rights to get their own health records- electronic, affordable, NOW. #DataIndependenceDay  #HIMSS15  RT pls if you agree